November 15, 2010


Dear Fellow Preppy Adventurer,

I'd like to first thank you for visiting my newly created open guide to preppiness in the Midwest. My goal is to explore my new city to find that which reminds me most of home, preppy clothes, restaurants, activities, and people. I realize that starting this adventure in winter will make it more difficult, seeing as how most people up here tend to hibernate during these months, but I take this on as a challenge and am proud to say I've already had some success.

I recently joined my local Junior League and have been trying to find donors for our Spring fundraiser, 'Ride into Spring'. We have an annual silent auction to raise enough money to fund our local childrens' programs, which you can learn more about at I have had the great pleasure of finding several designers that I would deem Preppy and have had a huge heart to help our cause.

One such designer has been Kiel James Patrick (See link to the Left).
I have featured the bracelet I recently purchased for my sister and myself. It's super comfortable and sports the preppy colors of pink and green. It also displays the great symbols of South Carolina. KJP also has wonderful creations in your standard plaid, but quite a few wonderful creations that make FABULOUS beach or work accessories; including belts, headbands, and earrings. I typically wear mine with a Ralph Lauren fitted polo and skirt with docks. But have been known to pull it off with dress pants and a cardigan.

Side note: KJP makes all these products by hand IN THE USA! They're durable, colorful, and washable.

Throughout my blog I hope to feature such designers for their creativity, industrialist entreprenurialism, and overall chic design.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world Megan. You might want to check out my friend's blog: I think you will like her stuff. :)



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