June 26, 2011

Week Recap: The Summer Has Arrived

Another beautiful weekend in Chicago. We get so few, that I try my best to enjoy the few that we have. It has been so beautiful, I was really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors (being as how work has kept me indoors so much of late). Saturday I got up a bit early in order to run some reports. But I was able to make it into the city by lunch. BF and I walked through the market to find lunch but ended up at Adobo Grill. I enjoyed my personal preference of the Margarita, but BF got this drink that was basically tomato juice, lime juice, and beer... it was weird... I love their fish tacos!
We met with a friend of BF's for bike riding along the lake front. You know that saying, 'it's just like riding a bike' as in, it's so easy you pick it up almost immediately. Yea, I guess I haven't ridden in awhile. I was able to make it fairly well, and we caught some beautiful views:

I had to rest a bit... a couple of times... but BF was very understanding:
We're preparing for our 25 mile ride in 2 weeks for his Birthday!
We stopped to watch the dogs playing on the north shore lake dog park. They were so fun! They were rolling around in the sand and going after balls in the water!
Saturday evening we just enjoyed sitting on the patio with some friends with some cocktails.
Sunday I was super excited for brunch as Nookie's Summer menu is available complete with their crabcakes and poached eggs! This is by far my favorite breakfast; I don't know if it's the crabcakes or the dressing they serve with the greens:
BF got the Vegetables with Poached eggs. It was very tasty and I swear the sauteed zucchini and squash made the plate!

I'm so looking forward to next weekend! My good friend is coming into town and the girls are taking the city! Adventures to ensue! I'll keep you posted! 
PS I'm on the lookout for a cut pink beach cruiser for the big bike ride coming up in two weeks (I'm hoping it won't be as painful as the mountain bike). Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

June 22, 2011

My Summer Reading

I am super excited to say that since my move I have found my new Library!
Check out some of the new reads I picked up! What are you reading this summer?
School of Fortune by Amanda Brown (LEGALLY BLOND!)
If You Could See Me Now by Ceclia Ahern
Southern Discomfort by Stephanie Gayle
The Devil in the Junior League  by Linda Francis Lee
The Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee
If you couldn't tell, I seem to be reading up on my southern etiquette ;) I think part of that is just wishful thinking for my company to ACTUALLY move to the south.... but I won't hold my breath, and I'll just go on and enjoy what sees to be fun summer pool reads! Please let me know if you stumble upon any extra fun books I should be checking out!

June 21, 2011

Chicago Storms

Ever wonder what it's like to live next to a tornado siren? I no longer do... Tonight we've been having massive storms and apparently my new home is directly next to the siren that's posted in the park next door. Thankfully haven't lost power yet (please don't let that jinx me!). The tv keeps going fuzzy (reasons I'm thankful I don't have satellite). Hope everyone in Chicago is being safe tonight!

PS I apologize for any typos as this is the first entry I've ever written entirely on my iPhone... FIRST!

June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap: Moving Day!

This past weekend was the big MOVING day! I had signed my lease last Monday and have been moving things over slowly throughout the week. I hired movers for the first time to handle all the furniture, mostly because I was moving from a first floor to a second floor:
Good Bye Old Kitchen...
Good Bye Old Living Room...
Good Bye Old Dining room...
What's really funny is I will NOT be missing this place.... I was scared living by myself on the first floor all year... I swear I didn't sleep a full night, EVER!
And My NEW apartment is GORGEOUS! I'll send pictures as soon as everything gets organized. As I got everything moved in and organized BF had to run some errands, but he came back with groceries and dinner. He went to Whole Foods (which I typically and not a fan of due to their extraordinary pricing structure and 'organic' scheme) however BF got these really tasty sushi rolls and a veggie pizza. Overall it was very tasty! Sunday BF had plans to take his dad bike riding out in Naperville, so we got up super early and went to breakfast (in the hopes of beating the Father's Day crow). 
We went to this place:

It's located less than 2 miles from my new place!
I was really bad... I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of our plates... but I got the Southern Benedict... AMAZING-NESS! I was only able to eat about half....
After wards, I proceed to run errands as BF went to spend time with his dad. I've been keen on getting a grill for MONTHS now... so I did some research and was pleasantly surprised. I called Home Depot AND Lowe's and both of the told me to go with this grill at Sears (Employee Discount... SCORE!). I got the propane tank... and fire extinguisher (I was so pleased with Home Depot's honesty, I bought the extinguisher from them!).
I had some friends over and it was just overall a very chill weekend! I am super excited to be back on the second floor, all moved, and ready to get focused again!
How was your Father's Day weekend? What'd you get your dad?

June 15, 2011

Surprise Surprise!

I was out shopping the other weekend (when I bought my new bathing suits), and swung by the shoe department at Sears. I was really surprised at the great, stylish, AFFORDABLE shoes! No joke! I even saw exact replicas for the SAME PRICE in the SAME STYLE at Target:
Zigi Women's Wallflower - Gold $14

SM New York Women's Weaves - Gold $14

If you can't tell I have a slight obsession with GOLD. Could be due to my Alma mater ;)
Both of the shoes come in multiple colors all of which are great for the summer!
Have you found any fun shoes to go with your chic new Summer wardrobes?

June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap - Festival Overload (Pt. 1)

This past weekend started off with a FABULOUS good-bye to a good friend and co-worker at Bandito Barney's!
Even though I called it an early night due to an early Junior League training meeting on Saturday. I was asked to be the PR Chairman for the 2011-2012 year on the Communications Committee.
We had our annual 'Nuts & Bolts' Leadership training at a Library in Naperville:
We each brought our favorite children's books as an ice breaker: mine was My Pretty Ballerina (it's not exactly my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, but it is a good one that I received with a beautiful doll for Christmas one year).

After the training, I made my way into the city to meet up with BF for the Old Town Art Festival. BF things I'm too luck (fingers crossed) because I have such good luck finding parking even when there's a festival on the block. Some of my favorites from the fair are below:
By Julie Keaten-Reed
This is a marble etching.
These Banana sculptures were so cute!
HAHAHA Spooning!
This reminded me of the Rube Goldberg competition at Purdue!
I apologize for not having all the artists noted, I missed a lot of the cards.
After the art festival we made our way North, to the Chicago Rib Fest (not to be confused with the Naperville Rib Fest which isn't until Fourth of July weekend).
These people were from Purdue, and although they were good... by far not the best I've ever head, but then again I have high standards (being as I'm from ATLANTA!)
Some of the crew hanging out
Love that Turkey Leg!
After quite the day of BBQ-ing, corn husk eating, and beer drinking, we made our way home. 
Sunday was spent laying out by the pool with Mar, junior league communication prep, and more packing.
As hard as it is to believe I am planning on moving next weekend and STILL have not signed my lease... I'm getting anxious and tempted to go find a different place just to spite this new place (not a good foot to start on :( ). 
Wish me luck on that one! 
Have ya'll started your summer festivities and sun-worshiping??

June 10, 2011


If you were 'raised right', your mother taught you that there is nothing for important than writing 'thank-yous', unless it's having nice stationary. I recently planned a surprise Baby shower/dinner for some of the girls in my AMAZING Junior League Provisional. The girls all wanted to pitch in on the gifts. One of the donations I received was in such a cute card I had to look it up!
It was by Pluff Mudd. They make prints as well, but I'm contemplating getting the cards for 2 reasons:
1.) so I can have some cute new stationary
2.) so I can frame them as gifts!
Check out some of the prints I'm interested in:
This is the one that caught my attention.
I also liked this one when it comes to 'Southern' things :)
There were two that caught my eye for my grandma:
She's originally from Indianapolis.
And now she lives in Marietta, Ga!
I loved this for my parents!
Overall, there just so cute! Do you have any favorite places you typically get your note cards? I typically order from Giftsin24 in a cream Classic Frame Monogram.

June 8, 2011

Beauty - Summer Style

I recently started following Lauren Conrad's Blog... ironic considered I never liked or got into the Hills or Laguna Beach...
I have to say I'm really starting to dig this one though! I think Lauren is just so beautiful and having her share her style tips is so helpful! They even have hair tutorials!
The latest one she posted yesterday that I love is this:
This just seems like such a classic look, and the swooped off the neck is sure to keep you cool during the summer!
I recommend checking out Lauren's blog, as well as her partners at The Beauty Department. They even post videos of how to copy Lauren's hair! Super easy to follow!

Spread the Word!

With Summer here (and my first sunburn come and gone), please see this video about sun-safety! And spread the word!
You can learn more at http://dcmf.ca/

June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap - Packing

This past weekend I started out with grand ambitions of being completely ready for my move by the end of the weekend. I did get a healthy amount done, but it just seems so overwhelming and never-ending.
Most of my Kitchen/Living Room Contents
Additional Boxes.... more to come
Saturday I was determined to be productive. I got up early, I walked in the un-godly humidity, and packed. I even ran errands getting baby gifts for a shower and dropping things off at Goodwill. I became complete unproductive after this, when at Trader Joe's I ran into a bottle of Sangria.... of which I promptly went home and made, invited friends and went to the pool. (It was 95 and I had been so good up until that point, I deserved a break). This proceeded to mess up my entire evening, when included a bout of insomnia and multiple hours of Full-House/Family Matters reruns.
Sunday, I went to the mall and proceeded to add more debt to my Sears CC (after I just paid it off too :( ) and bought two new swim suits from Lands' End for my beach trip in July. I felt this was necessary as I haven't gotten any good suits in like 3 years....  But it's oh so flattering!
Lands' End
After shopping, I met BF at his Grandmother's house in Darien, as she was coming home from her hospital recovery. We visited for a little while before heading to an early dinner. Neither of us had had lunch and were starving. I'd been craving sushi for a while, so we drove up to Naperville and grabbed a bite.
We went to Blue Ginger and it was oh so tasty!
Obviously we were early, and beat the crowd, but they had a lovely dining experience and the service was super friendly!
I loved the eclectic feel of the restaurant, and they even had a patio (had it not been so hot, we would've sat out there),
One of our AMAZING rolls! I recommend sticking to the signature rolls as they seemed more 'worth while'.
 BF and I ended up spending a relaxing evening at home watching the MTV movie awards. Neither of us had watched it in a while... and with the exception of Reese Witherspoon winning a lifetime achievement award, I was extremely disappointed. The only reason we watch was because I REALLY wanted to see the sneak previews of Harry Potter and Twilight. I'm a huge dork. But it would be like 10x better if they didn't let the fans vote for ALL the awards... like the fact that K.Stew won best actress in a category she was nominated for with the actual Oscar winner (Natalie Portman) is just sad... that and the fact that Twilight won just about every category.... I like me so Jacob, but I am smart enough to understand the movies aren't the best acting...

What did you do for the weekend? Did you get out and enjoy the sun at all?