April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Part 1

 This morning, I only got to see a little of the royal wedding, the rest I intend to watch tonight via my BBC America DVR recording! Of what I did see, it was just simply lovely. Lovely is the best word I think to describe everything! Catherine's dress was so similar to that of Grace Kelly (one of my many style icons):
The dress by Sara Burton from the House of Alexander McQueen was nothing less than stunning. I love that she brought back sleeves! I love all the lace and her bouquet (Lilly of the Valley?)
She is just such a beautiful bride, and they make a wonderful public couple. I hope it lasts!
 Special bonus of the day> Lilly Pulitzer did a watercolor of the couple!!!

Preppy Art Work

A WASP might tell you to go for the Classics: 
and the like....
A Southern Belle might tell you to go for the more simplistic regional Floral motifs or architectural pieces:
All are great choices, however I sometimes find the best pieces for me have sentimental value. I try to hang a tasteful amount of items on my walls. I believe this makes every space more personalized and homey. Recently I was pursuing my standard look-outs (typically looking for a good deal, as nothing says preppy like being fiscally conservative)
I came across the below on Etsy!

Georgia State Typographical Poster - $15

Georgia State Silhouette Poster - $15.50

Etsy has a great array of art work by artisans from all over. It's a great way to find affordable, super cute prints/pictures/paintings and supporting entrepreneurs!
Do you have anything special you like to hang in your living space?

April 28, 2011

Beekman 1802 Package

My Beekman Package arrived! I'm super excited... now, to determine if I'll be sharing it with anyone??
Mary even included a signed card from the boys! I'm so excited! :)

My Cooler Project

In the South, it's pretty standard for people (girls) to paint coolers for tailgates. They get pretty darn creative... and REALLY INCREDIBLE! Below are some examples I used for inspiration:
My sister even did one last year for her tailgates:
 With my BIG DERBY PARTY coming up, I wanted to have something fun out on the patio for my guests to keep their beverages cold in. 
I bought all the fun colors I could possibly need:
I had purchased a lame blue and white cooler a couple years ago for canoe trips and parties back in Richmond, and was looking and buying a flat, plain white new one. 
 However, I found that coolers are kind of expensive.... like $50-60 I'd prefer not to spend on a cooler...
So I utilized the one I had. I wanted to do something that was reminiscent of both my old home and my new one, as well as taking into account things I love.
First I did a Chicago side with major landmarks: Wrigley Field, Wrigley Ivy, Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain, Bean, and the Chicago river dyed Green!
Then I did a front design. I tried to take into account my love of the ocean and the water, as well as my South Carolina Roots:
Then I did my Georgia side:
Complete with: The Capitol Building, Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, Big Chicken, World of Coke, Fox Theater, '96 Olympics, Atlanta Braves, Rich's Pink Pig, and Kudzu.
I've started working on the top, but I'm not quite sure where to go. 
This is where you come in.
What should I put on the top? Any ideas?
Let me know quickly as I need to finish this in time for the Party next weekend!

Lilly Pulitzer- Summer 2011

Lilly Pulitzer launched their Summer Collection 2011 last night at midnight! AHHH!
I have a few items that I am now adding to my imaginary closet (cough cough, waiting for their end of the summer sale):
Avery Skirt- Ride the Wave $118
Madison Dress- Jumping the Line $148
Whitley Skirt - Dashing $98
Wesley Dress - Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias $198
Kelsi Dress- Jumping the Line $148
Sully Dress- Hotty Pink Hot Fun Burnout Combo $178
Sail Away Necklace - $48
Sail Away Cuff - $58
Sail Away Sandals - $168

As I have mentioned before, Anchors and owls are all the rage this season, and Lilly has captured this style in their own unique way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lilly and all that their genius designers create! It just makes me wish I was on Palm Beach Island at the Breakers Hotel sipping Mint Juleps or John Daley's watching the tide roll in.

Summer Lovin' - Purses

This past weekend I changed out my purses to my Spring collection. Along these same lines, there are a few purses I'm CRAVING for the Spring/Summer! I'm what you might call a bag-lady, as I have a major theory:
*No matter how much weight you gain or lose, Handbags, shoes and Jewelry never change size!*
Kate Spade Tropica Jezibel - $275

Perfect Beach bag or Palm Beach purse! Love this for summer vaca accessories!
Marc Jacobs Yo Yo Dot Rain Tote $248
This incredibly creative bag is eye catching and extra useful since all we're getting in Chicago lately is precipitation.
Kate Spade With A Twist Orange Slice - $245
 Perfect for summer parties!
Vineyard Vines Bamboo Shoulder Bag - $165
Lilly Pulitzer Dress to Impress Clutch in 1st Impression Print - $98
Great for my white eyelets and other Spring/Summer pastels!
Just a few more obsessions to my ever growing imaginary closet of amazing goodies... now to win the lotto and make it happen for reals!

April 27, 2011

Souvenirs for the Royal Wedding!

If you've been reading over the last couple months, you're well informed of my obsession with the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William Wales of Windsor. 
I've talked about the memorabilia, the Best Man, and what different retail organizations are selling things state-side.

Last night I was picking up some craft stuff at Michael's for a post to come later this week (hint: I'm painting my cooler for the Derby Party!) 
I have been drooling over the faux engagement rings that everyone's selling, but I haven't been able to bring myself to spend more than $15 on something so silly.... 
But Michael's had them for $10!!! Totally worth it! Done and Done... 
I plan to wear mine for at least the remainder of the week. Silly, but HILARIOUS! Plus it totally matches my nautical themed outfit today... Perfecto!

April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap: Operation Easter

 This past weekend was Easter, and I sadly was unable to go home. Instead BF and I intended to spend the weekend with his family, but there were some extenuating circumstances. Between family emergencies and the like, I tried to keep BF's mind off the heavy issues by keeping him entertained. Saturday I met him at his parents and convinced him to go to a local Naperville put-put course. I kind of think he let me win. But we continued on to dinner (like a proper high school date). After a brief walk around downtown Naperville (which is just a darling suburb, as it probably should be for the median income) we settled upon Heaven on Seven:
This is a Cajun themed restaurant that actually started in downtown Chicago. They pride themselves on their vast collection of Hot Sauces... some 1,500+!
View to left
View to the right
View to the center
Personally, I'm not a huge 'spicey' person. Being a good Carolina girl, I do love my ground black pepper, but BF tried to embrace his Italian side and puts hot sauce on everything! Needless to say, he loves this place.
BF went with the Etoufee of the Day
I had the Jumbalia
Also greatly anticipating the Derby, I had to order a Mint Julep, and let me tell you.... this is my absolute favorite drink!
Hot Buns at the Beach - Hot Sauce
All in all, this place was a lot of fun. They had a great atmosphere and the food/drink was divine. Made me miss home!
What did YOU do for Easter?

April 25, 2011

Crafty Weekend

This weekend, I tried to start planning for my Derby party (per usual). I had previously posed a super cute Derby tablecloth that I found on line. However, I felt I could totally make something that would work just as well but be my 'special touch'. So, to Joann's Fabric I went and spent way way too much, but I picked up some super cute fabrics:
A cute new Lemon design
A beautiful flower/humming bird print
This diamond print just looked so bright and cheerful; plus I thought it was masculine enough to work in BF's apartment for the party.
I bought a simple white to back each, however fabric being what it is, I needed to add a good 2-3" to each side to make it wide enough for a standard dining table. Check out my picks below!
I could've totally pulled this off in 3 hours, but I always seem to have issues with my first version of anything I sew. I ended up having to remove a side because I'd sewn it on the wrong side for my pleat. But I soon got the swing of things.
Are you crafty? Do you have any suggestions for my Derby Party?