November 30, 2010

Ever wonder what they mean: Currier & Ives

Many of you may know the song I'm talking about... sung by the angelic Karen Carpenter and her brother.  The title of the song is 'Sleigh Ride' and the lyrics go something like this:

There's a happy feeling
nothing in the world can buy
When they pass around the coffee
and the pumpkin pie
It'll nearly be like a picture print
by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things
we remember all through our lives!
Have you ever wondered what they were talking about? Below are some memorable scenes:

Additionally, I'm a huge fan of Norman Rockwell:


Christmas Letters - Holiday Traditions

Good Morning Kids!

First I'd like to ask your input: I'm thinking about providing a Holiday/Christmas cookie recipe each day leading up to the BIG day. I have so many I enjoy and love to make during the season, but would love to hear the ones you enjoy. I may even include them and reference you on my blog!

Another holiday tradition of mine since I graduated from college has been to include a letter in my Christmas cards updating my friends and family as to my accomplishments and events during the past year. My dad thinks I'm too young to be doing something like this, but I enjoy creating them and looking back at past letters to help remember everything I've been up to. Below are some of the past years' letters:





Please send me a message or leave a comment of your favorite holiday cookie (or other recipes) to be included in my Daily edition.

Happy Holidays!

November 29, 2010

Christmas Wish Lists & Gift ideas

What a Day!? Cyber Monday was insanely busy, but thankfully I am/was pretty much all done with all my Christmas/Holiday shopping. I'm listing below a few things I've found appealing for the holidays along with some Secret Santa Ideas I'm muddling... ;)

My Likes:

Lilly Pulitzer Cruiser
Price: $450 (when found, it sold out this summer within the first month!)

Kiel James Patrick- Diving off Skatutakee Cliff

Price: $40.00

Vineyard Vines- Purdue Tote
Price: $95

Vera Bradley's Write Away Dry Erase Board (Hope Garden) 
Price: $12

Smathers & Branson's Fancy Monogramed Flask
Price: $100

Burberry Iconic Trench Coat
Price: $1,395

Working Glasses (Crate & Barrel)- these remind me of my Dad's tumblers back home
Price: $1.50 each

Cute Headband by NYC Designer LALADee on
Price: $18

Gypsy Oak - Antique Silver Earrings from Designer BigBisous on

Price: $16


Kiel James Patrick Knot Earrings- at
Prices: $28


The Pleasures of Cooking for One by Judith Jones Price: $17.91 @ B&N

Tipsy in Madras by Matt Walker, Marissa Walsh

Letters to Juliet DVD

Donations to the Junior League of Kane & Dupage county!

Secret Santa Ideas:

Shake Weight
Price: $29.88 (would totally be getting this, but it's over our $15 budget :( )

Potty Putt Putt
Price: $19.75

Candles & Lotion from Bath & Body Works (Always go over well)
Prices: Vary upon quantity/size/items

Glee Christmas Album

Check out my New Twitter Background!

I decided to do a quick tribute to the individuality, creativity, and beautiful quality of Lilly Pulitzer original designs:

Cyber Monday Deal Codes

Below is a list of Deals I've found. Happy Hunting!

Vineyard Vines- use code CYBERMONDAY at checkout on our website and save 20%! Today only!

Vera Bradley - Veras are $35, Lg. Duffels are still $45 and free shipping on $75 orders! Enjoy! 

Southern Marsh- Save 30% code: THIRTY; Buy 2 polos, get the 3rd free code: BUYTWO; 3 tees for $59 code: TEE3; Free Coozie with every order
L'Occitane- Today Only - with any $50 purchase receive a $10 gift card. Enter code GIFT10 at checkout.

Knot Belt Co- On top of free shipping through Christmas, use code “XMAS2010″ for 20% off of your order!

OAK NYC - last day for 30% off all clothing and shoes - our thanksgiving sale ends tonight at midnight EST

Fred Flare- 99 under $9: Good morning, earthlings! While you’ve had the weekend off hopefully to relax and begin your holida...   

Bendel's Online- save 30% on all purchases! Plus free ground shipping on all... 

Lilly Pulitzer- Free Shipping on All Orders, and $3 gift wrap.

Kiel James Patrick- Free Shipping

Tucker Blair - Free shipping on orders over $100; Sailing Scene, Nautical Flag, Fly Fishing, Black Skull only $50 today only!...

If you find anything else, let me know! :) 


Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic: Free shipping for orders of $50 or more -during the holidays, and also after they end! 

Sears- Free shipping all day today

Kate Spade- enjoy free shipping and an add'l 25% off sale at with promo code "cyber25"


November 28, 2010

Tis the Season!

This past Thanksgiving weekend has been insanely busy! But what else should I expect from my first Holiday season in the Wonderful World of Retail! But I'm LOVING every minute of it!

I even did my own bit of Black Friday shopping, albeit on-line. I've decked my halls, put up lights, and wrapped all my gifts. And to go along with my last preppy-rule, it's about how much you spend, not how much you save. However, I may have gone a bit over board. Nothing says preppy, much like generosity. Philanthropy and generosity during this Christmas season and throughout the year is the utmost task of preppies every where. I myself am a member of my local Junior League, donating my time and efforts to increase the literacy and standard of living of the children in my community. I do no less to those in my family; some may say I over do it. But nothing brings me more joy that delivering the perfect gift and seeing some one's face light up!

This being said, I hope you all remember the children and families less fortunate in your areas this Christmas season. There are several local charities that you can help with through food, clothing, and toy drives. Remember that we as a culture can only progress, through the efforts of every single member of the community.

Additionally, I checked out the Christmas windows down at the Marshal Fields store in the Loop. I love the story of Virginia, and her search for Santa, which is so lovingly illustrated through animation. In a nut shell, please find below the original letter, written by a Sun editor to a girl child looking for a symbol of hope in a darkening world:

Happy holidays, and I'll be bringing the spirit and ringing in the new year whenever possible. Please find below my latest creation!

Quote of the day:

Kris Kringle: Oh, but there is [harm in not believing]. I'm not just a whimsical figure who wears a charming suit and affects a jolly demeanor. You know, I'm a symbol. I'm a symbol of the human ability to be able to suppress the selfish and hateful tendencies that rule the major part of our lives. If... you ...can't believe, if you can't accept anything on faith, then you're doomed for a life dominated by doubt.

November 26, 2010

Holiday deals from our favorite brands


With Black Friday marking the unofficial beginning of Holiday Shopping Season, we thought it might make sense to keep all of our readers posted on discounts and deals that some of our favorite brands are offering over the next few weeks.  Below you will find a list of current offers that are out there, and we will also be keeping the “Holiday Deals” tab above updated until the end of the Holiday Season.

November 22, 2010

Fun blog alert!

Lesson No. 69: A Gentleman Always Dresses to Impress
“The clothes don’t make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” - Henry Ward Beecher, US Congressional Minister

Thanks Google!

Rule #2 of Preppy-AWESOMNESS: It's not about how much you save, it's about how much you spend; frugality is key!


Google Chrome is offering free Wi-Fi to passengers during the holidays!
They have partnered with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to offer the wi-fi on domestic flights between Novemer 20 - January 2, 2011.
That is some sweet news. Thanks, Google!

Awesome! I will definitely be taking advantage of this on our upcoming travels. 

Google Chrome is offering free Wi-Fi to passengers during the holidays!
They have partnered with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to offer the wi-fi on domestic flights between Novemer 20 - January 2, 2011.
That is some sweet news. Thanks, Google!

Very Cool! I actually believe we purchased our plane tickets home purely based on anticipation of this "Gift"... as my dad says, my BF and I are 'total northern yuppies'.... yup yup :)

Rules to staying Preppy

Saturday was TOO much fun...

My team may have stomped on my heart again, but we had a Incredible time with Great friends! We ended up making it to game day before the Purdue game, then circled back to the BF's fraternity Big Bro's roof top place.

(Caption) that's the back of Erin Andrews head... she's not a very nice person, and definitely not a fan of Fans...

We've been lucky enough to get to enjoy the Dave Mathew's concert that was at Wrigley this summer from this gentleman's place as well. The guys are incredible hosts, plus it was a prime location for observing the chaos of Northwestern/Illinois fans below at 'wildcat alley'.

Later that evening we made our way to The Stretch, one of the local bars in Wrigleyville. I love this for the way they serve their drinks: In MASON jars! I love it! This is so unbelievably fun, and very southern, which just goes to remind me of home. I highly recommend this place if you're ever in the area, especially after a cubs game!

Just realized I didn't include any rules... primarily because it was a subject that came up during a not so nice moment. However:

Rule: Never talk about how much money you may or may not have... but most especially in public... it's TACKY!


November 20, 2010

A Beautiful Fall day for a Preppy Past time...

It is a GORGEOUS day in Chicago! I've even started my day with a some good New England beer and some VV:

The BF and I are heading up to Wrigley to watch the Purdue game and catch the excitement of another Wrigley Classic... this one just happens to be a bit warmer. The last time we went to a game at Wrigley that wasn't baseball, it was the Winter Classic - Blackhawks vs. Red Wings NYE Day 2009... we froze our tushes off... but with a high of 44 today, there's hope for a warmer day.

Today is also the Harvard vs. Yale game... a 127 year old rivalry, which is pretty incredible. I may have not attended an pre- Ivy prep, or an Ivy college... but several SEC people in H.S. thought Purdue was Ivy, and I just never dissuaded them of the fact. I wish all the teams much luck today, but all my pride and hope goes towards my Boilers vs. Michigan State. BOILER UP!

Enjoy this crisp fall weather and all your football today... and stay preppy ;)

November 19, 2010

Every Good Preppy knows... the key to a good winter wardrobe is a fabulous winter coat!

Or multiple stylish coats, As well as some colorful scarves, gloves, ear warmers, and sunglasses...

I purposely leave out hats, as they tend to mess up hair. I highlight sunglasses because they key your eyes from watering in the strong winter winds.

Today started out at 32, but felt like 22 in with the wind. I was never so thankful for a heated walk way from my parking garage at work.

But back to the coats... I truly believe that with the right coat, you don't look fat, and can actually look more chic than you would any other time... especially when paired with leather gloves. Personally I have preferred Guess winter coats, as they typically are timeless, affordable, and WARM! I have a black, white, and pink one, because who doesn't wake up some mornings wishing to epitomize Elle Woods?!

I typically go for knee length, as these tend to be more flattering to an hour glass figure like my own, or a pear shape. It emphasizes all the right curves, and if you're lucky you can come off dripping with Mad Men style:

But just as the right coat can make a look, the women makes the outfit. And as Annie always says, you're never fully dressed without a smile :).

November 18, 2010

Prep-tastic Jewelry- Awesome Christmas idea!

I recently came across the Jewelry for a Cause; I must confess, I saw the company in my latest issue of True Prep:

To be exact, they were featured on page 105.

I contact the owner, Jessica, and found her incredibly helpful and friendly. She is currently helping me design and create my own personal crest for a bracelet. See the mock up below:

You should check it out:

November 15, 2010


Dear Fellow Preppy Adventurer,

I'd like to first thank you for visiting my newly created open guide to preppiness in the Midwest. My goal is to explore my new city to find that which reminds me most of home, preppy clothes, restaurants, activities, and people. I realize that starting this adventure in winter will make it more difficult, seeing as how most people up here tend to hibernate during these months, but I take this on as a challenge and am proud to say I've already had some success.

I recently joined my local Junior League and have been trying to find donors for our Spring fundraiser, 'Ride into Spring'. We have an annual silent auction to raise enough money to fund our local childrens' programs, which you can learn more about at I have had the great pleasure of finding several designers that I would deem Preppy and have had a huge heart to help our cause.

One such designer has been Kiel James Patrick (See link to the Left).
I have featured the bracelet I recently purchased for my sister and myself. It's super comfortable and sports the preppy colors of pink and green. It also displays the great symbols of South Carolina. KJP also has wonderful creations in your standard plaid, but quite a few wonderful creations that make FABULOUS beach or work accessories; including belts, headbands, and earrings. I typically wear mine with a Ralph Lauren fitted polo and skirt with docks. But have been known to pull it off with dress pants and a cardigan.

Side note: KJP makes all these products by hand IN THE USA! They're durable, colorful, and washable.

Throughout my blog I hope to feature such designers for their creativity, industrialist entreprenurialism, and overall chic design.