February 28, 2011


Ski Trip 2011

This past weekend, I wound up in a cabin in the Wisconsin Dells with 13 other people. We got the above beautiful cottage for the weekend and proceeded to stock the fridge ;) I rode up with a co-worker friend and we belted 90's and show tunes... it was pretty amazing!
The Dells are interesting... it very much reminded me of Panama City, FL. Lots of cheesy amusement parks and fun houses... with the addition of some really bad looking bars...
We were going skiing at a near by ski resort. I've only been skiing once, but I'm fairly athletic and typically pretty good at the basics.
We got kind of a late start, and enjoyed a late breakfast. We made it to the mountain around noon with about half the group boarding and the other half skiing. BF was a little tentative about whether I would survive, but I survived without killing myself. I find I typically like the greens, as they tend to be easier, more scenic, and longer. About half way through the day, I was feeling pretty confident.... BF had been going down Blacks all day with his buddies, and I was a bit tentative, but the way they were talking I thought I might be able to handle it.... boy was I wrong.
My whole goal for the weekend to not pull a Sonny Bono and die via tree. So starting down the Black and I'm feeling pretty good... then.... 70 degree incline.... straight towards a tree (but I didn't hit it!). I did however proceed to scoot down the entire hill on my butt.... me getting up at that point would've required some major cohonais... I Lived! YAY!
It was a gorgeous day, with fresh snow falling constantly. I had to invest in some new ski goggles to keep my face from freezing (totally worth it). I did finally understand what people have ski-masks... as creepy as they are... you can never tell when people are smiling in pictures!

After about 7 hours of skiing and losing myself in the dark (the goggles were great to keep my face warm, not so much after dark for seeing), a few of us headed home.

Thank goodness for frozen pizzas cause there wasn't much around the area. There were 5 of us back at the house all showered, when one decided it would be an awesome idea to try out the touted hot tub... in his boxers because he forgot his swim trunks.
Pretty much incredible...
Sunday, I ended up riding back with BF, where we proceeded to stop by a cheese 'chalet'. (It's kind of a must when you're in Wisconsin). Check out the weirdness that is WI cheese... who shapes their cheese like this???

And PS who shapes sausage???
Overall a great weekend! I'm sure I forgot some stuff and made it sound not as fun... but it was amazing! What'd you do this weekend???

February 24, 2011



Justice... and other happy things

Came across a cute quick quote from a blog I follow:

Day Late... Dollar Short

Upon review, I noticed that Lilly had added some items to their website without promotion!

I'm super stoked, because now I get to be a little more poor after these super cute additions to my life:
New Lilly Pulitzer Dress Magnets
Lilly Pulitzer Thermal Mug
Lilly Pulitzer Iphone 3G Cover - Do the Wave
Guilty confession.. this past summer I totally bought a threshold of like $200 from Lilly to get their first generation of Iphone covers (Below), but this says the new ones are more protective... plus they're way cuter!

February 23, 2011

Smart people in the Parking Garage

Quick Morning Rant...

Walking into work every morning there's about 20 people standing in our parking garage smoking... Maybe I'm an idiot and have no idea what I'm talking about, but wouldn't that seem INSANELY STUPID to light-up in a garage full of fresh emissions??? Like isn't that an explosion waiting to happen?

Additionally, being a non-smoker myself, it doesn't make me feel good to work for an hour on my 'look' for the day, only to have it ruined because I come in wreaking of smoke... just saying...

On a much lighter note: I was totally going to wear FUCHSIA tights this morning, but my mother's voice in the back of my head was screaming "Dress for Success" and "Dress for the position you want, not the one you have"... Hence my black tights with my sweater dress... how depressingly corporate am I??

What are you wearing today?

February 22, 2011

New Movies I want to see!

I never get to see movies it seems like any more... Between the difference in 'likes' that I share with the BF, and my busy schedule, it's a rare occurrence...

Some of the movies I want to see that have recently come out, or are coming out soon are:

So I know... a lot... who's coming with me??

February 21, 2011

My BF is A-Mazing

So I don't think I fully conveyed how amazing my BF is :)

He got me flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day... and they're still BEAUTIFUL!

My New Bed Has Arrived!

I received my new QUEEN bed yesterday! I am officially in heaven! I really wanted the Lilly Pulitzer 'Breakfast at Lilly's' comforter, however apparently it is discontinued an unavailable everywhere :(. However, I found almost an exact replica for 1/10 of the price! Check out my pics below. What do you think?

February 20, 2011

Rockin' Good Time

This weekend I had some wishful thinking due to the BEAUTIFUL weather we experienced... We started our standard Chicago Summer (in February). BF and I went to the House of Blues for the Dan Band concert. Totally worth $25 :)

I can't wait for the actual spring/summer... I miss the dresses, sandles, and festivals!!

February 17, 2011

Morning Music

Do you listen to a particular radio station when getting ready? Have a wake a playlist? Or maybe it's just a CD on repeat?

I was listening to my iphone (which has been substituting for my ipod since I got it), and realized I have a wake up system of sorts. I personally prefer country when I'm going to sleep or waking up. There's just something so mellow about it, very relaxing. I think it really started Sophomore year. I was living with a girl my second semester who got up particularly early, and whenever I'd come in our room, she'd have Rascal Flatts on repeat. It just was peppy but still allowed me to wake up.

To this day, because of this chica, I now think of Rascal Flatts (and Taylow Swift) as my wake up music.
What do you listen to in the morning?

February 16, 2011

Summer Internships

I was already thinking about writing this entry because I'm reading an amazing book about summer jobs (Summer at Tiffany). However, Lilly posted their Summer internship openings today... which just further proves that La Maison de Lilly and I share a special connection...
During my college years, I was always looking for the most profitable way to spend my summers (out-of-state tuition is brutal at like 35k a year...), however I did manage my fair share of Internships. I also learned that you can do internships during the school year (in between Sorority, Student Gov., Grand Prix, etc.). Some things I've learned:

1.) Find an internship that you are actually interested in. Do what you love
2.) Be Alert! Be aware of the activities around you, and learn what is going on and what is expected.
3.) Take initiative. Figure out the big picture and what you can add.

These are just a few things I learned along the way. I believe they can fit for more than just internships. I hope that helps those looking for internships. If anyone has any fun internship stories I'm open! Below are some of my experiences:
Governor Sonny Perdue - Commission for a New Georgia
Purdue Intercollegiate Athletic Promotions
Purdue Intercollegiate Athletic Promotions

Wednesday Cravings

Below are some of my most recent cravings:
Monogram Necklace by Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry


Monogrammed Derby Hat
Tiffany's Anchor

Herme's Birkin Bag

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Catalog

This lovely publication came in the mail yesterday!!! YAY!
Dear god, they've been killing me lately with all their gifts with purchases.... especially since I really can't afford it since I just bought a new bed!

Some of my new favorites (PS eyelet is like my new fave!):

Additionally, I'm DYING! for the new Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection coming to stores soon!

New Bed!

Well Kids,

I had a breakdown on Sunday... after 2 trips to Sears and mucho moving furniture around, I broke down and bought a new bed! (Mattress, Boxspring, frame). Now I need your help in picking a new comforter. Because my old bed was a Full, and my new is a Queen (because I AM ROYALTY :) ), I need all new linens (doesn't that just SOUND chic??). Sadly, after this major expenditure I'm mucho poor... However a girl can dream right?? Check out some of the below and let me know your thoughts in the comments! I tend to have issues deciding big things on my own (when it comes to fashion).

Garnet Hill
Has an entire line of Lilly Pulitzer Home items including, but not limited to: $158

The Home Decorating Company
Has my favorite right now: Breakfast at Lilly's $270

Rikshaw Designs
Previously posted here $198

Martha Stewart from Macy's

If you can't tell I'm going for a Pink/Green theme (chello Lilly). Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!!