December 7, 2010

24 Days of Christmas Recipes - Day 7

Well kiddies, I have quite the mid-week toddie recipe for you today! Per my good friend Mr. Joe Jackson, please find below his recipe for a Christmas Candy Cane Martini!

Christmas Candy Cane Martini
1 shot Vanilla Vodka
1 shot Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1 shot Rumpie
...throw a mini candy cane on the rim

Check out Joe's Blog at the link to the left or at:

Additionally, you might check out some cute cocktail attire to go along with a fun holiday evening at the Just Dandy Blog: Just Dandy: What to wear: Christmas Party

Or, you should REALLY REALLY Check out the new apparel at Sears!

Some examples of the new lines:

PS I think my Secret Santa carpet bombed my cube with Lilly Pulitzer Decorations!!! LOVE IT!

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