February 16, 2011

Summer Internships

I was already thinking about writing this entry because I'm reading an amazing book about summer jobs (Summer at Tiffany). However, Lilly posted their Summer internship openings today... which just further proves that La Maison de Lilly and I share a special connection...
During my college years, I was always looking for the most profitable way to spend my summers (out-of-state tuition is brutal at like 35k a year...), however I did manage my fair share of Internships. I also learned that you can do internships during the school year (in between Sorority, Student Gov., Grand Prix, etc.). Some things I've learned:

1.) Find an internship that you are actually interested in. Do what you love
2.) Be Alert! Be aware of the activities around you, and learn what is going on and what is expected.
3.) Take initiative. Figure out the big picture and what you can add.

These are just a few things I learned along the way. I believe they can fit for more than just internships. I hope that helps those looking for internships. If anyone has any fun internship stories I'm open! Below are some of my experiences:
Governor Sonny Perdue - Commission for a New Georgia
Purdue Intercollegiate Athletic Promotions
Purdue Intercollegiate Athletic Promotions

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