March 9, 2011

Greek Series Finale

Oh Life... how do you manage to always direct me to dramas that seem to mirror my life (or as I remember it)...
So, I'll admit, I'm a day behind... but better late than never (and what's DVR for anyway??).
I watched the GREEK series finale tonight... I almost cried... seriously. It just seems like the end of an era.
I tried to find Cappie's finale for his philosophy class (an oral argument on 'What is College?'). It basically said that college is not about the academics, but about the life experiences and what you learn from those experiences (Something I've been saying all along).
It just seems so crazy that I've been out in the 'Real World' for almost 4 years now.... I'M GETTING OLD! I was just reminiscing with a sorority sister of mine how amazing our senior year was (only leaving out the time my Grand Lil Sis tried to get me kicked out my last semester; long story short I had a bit of a Rudy moment and my entire pledge class stood up for me... It's wonderful to have those kind of friends! Not just friends, sisters.). For the purpose of this blog and future editions, I'll call this friend/sister Lil J (wink* to all my Gossip Girl hommies). Well, Lil J is debating moving in with a friend... we both lived in the house our Senior year and pretty much owned life ;). Personally i haven't had a roommate in about 5 years... I would have to seriously consider if I could deal with other people's habits... I tend to be a little Type-A when it comes to organizing and cleanliness.

But anywho, are you still in college? Are you in a sorority? If you're an official 'adult', do you miss anything about college/high school?

Have a great night!

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