March 4, 2011

My Mom & Anchors

My entire life, I've been surrounded by Anchors (Nautical) and Raggedy Anne. My mom was a Delta Gamma at Purdue, and completely embraced all symbolism (apparently). This being said, whenever I see these items, I start humming DG songs (that are definitely no longer in use), and experience a need to purchase for my mother's never ending collection (I think this has to do with all the antique shows she took me to growing up as well, and the need to collect memorabilia). I swear it's completely normal.....

So this season is all about the Anchors and Owls.... seriously... I'm in retail, you should totally take my word for it! Thus, my need to purchase is all the stronger, and my wallet all the lighter...

LL BEAN is having a HUGE sale right now, and I may or may not email my mom all the anchor stuff I found and incited an uptick in their Feb/March sales (They should enlist me as a PR person).

Some of the items include:


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