March 26, 2011

Samoas = Keebler Coconut Dreams!

Like any good preppy, growing up I was majorly involved in organized play. One such activity was Girl Scouts. Being the true competitor that I am, I always vied for the stellar prizes they offered each year to the top cookie sellers (Which apparently have amped up to Nintendo Wiis!)

My mom, wanting to help me succeed with all my goals, helped provide extra cookie sign up sheets to our neighborhood friends for the work places, resulting in hundreds (maybe thousands) of cookie boxes filling our house in spring. Looking back, it's almost like we were a kin to some sort of illegal trafficking, as the items we were providing were only available in limited quantity for a limited time, and you had to know somebody who knew somebody who had a kid who sold it.... So when they said they wanted to promote an entrepreneurial spirit....

But anywho, I got my cookies the other day! YAY! And of course I got 2 boxes of my favorites: Samoas! Then, I found this:
WHAT THE HECK! Keebler is making a knock-off! I wonder if they're any good!? Has anyone had these? Apparently according to the Keebler website there aren't any stores within a 30 mile radius of me that carries them. Thoughts?

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