March 23, 2011

Smathers & Branson

During the Junior League's Ride into Spring Fundraiser that I've previously mentioned (Here and Here) I won the gift certificate donated by Smathers & Branson! So yesterday I decided to use it...

In the hopes that the people receiving these as gifts don't actually read my blog.... I'll still try not to mention who these are for; although it's pretty obvious if you know me.
The gift certificate was for a generous $165, which would buy one of there beautiful hand needle point belts, however I always like to stretch a dollar when I can help it, so I tried to get a few different things:
Something for a Special Sorority Girl

For my future set of beach keys ;)
For someone I just can't convert to a GOOD school :)
For the first recipient, and her next football season

Overall, they look like beautiful products and I can't wait to gift them! Check out Smathers & Branson when you get a chance. They have a ton of different schools as well as fun other designs! Belts, Headbands, Flasks, Wallets, and Key fobs galore!

Additionally, they have free shipping on all orders over $175!

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