April 13, 2011

Junior League April General Membership Meeting- LEADERSHIP

One of my favorite quotes is by Mr. Mark Twain:

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”


It shows that the key behind any leader is community. During last night's April General Meeting for my Junior League we were given the option to choose between two seminars for the second half of our meeting:

1. “WORDS AND ACTIONS: YOUR POWER TOOLS FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP” – In this workshop you will learn communication strategies that will help you to avoid a communication breakdown when you lead others; leadership strategies that will help you to embrace and execute your leadership potential for greater results; and teamwork principles that will aid you in having consistent communication with those that you lead.

2. “BUTTERFLIES FLY AWAY: A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO PUBLIC SPEAKING AND NETWORKING” - In this interactive workshop, participants will begin to feel comfortable with speaking in public situations. You will learn how to break the ice; organize your speech; and get to the point. You will also learn networking techniques that will help you spread the message of your organization and create new partnerships along the way. This session is recommended for incoming Board members or those members stepping into a Leadership role.

I chose #1, because I felt I'm already pretty extroverted.
In this session one main thing stuck out; the speaker outlined L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P as 4 Strategies and 6 Techniques:
"L" - Listening: Strategy #1
        1. Ask questions of clarification
        2. Give good eye contact
        3. Eliminate any distractions

"E" - Energy: Strategy #2
        Build in breaks every 90 mins to rejuvenate your energy

"A" - Appreciation: Strategy #3
        1. Recognition and praise will motivate others to help you.
        2. Catch them doing something right
        3. Provide public praise (criticise in private)

"D" - Delegation: Strategy #4
         1. Give clear directions
         2. Give power and authority
         3. Provide with proper resources

"E" - Enthusiasm: Technique #1
        You as the leader must know what your passions are in regards to your group and make sure to connect with them.

"R" - Respect (show a high regard): Technique #2
        1. Time
        2. Opinions
        3. Contributions

"S" - Stability: Technique #3
        1. Control your emotions
        2. Maintain a healthy work/life balance
        3. Maintain your composure and rationality

"H" - Honesty: Technique #4
        People work well with people they can trust

"I" - Influence: Technique #5
        1. Use words
        2. Use actions
        3. Use incentives

"P" - Positive Attitude: Technique #6
        1. A positive attitude commands respect
        2. Helps you get connected to others
        3. It promotes your energy to a higher level

I really like this outline and plan to try to implement it in my personal and professional life. What do you do to continue personal development?

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