April 7, 2011

Koozies (or Coozies) I'm CRAVING!

For those of you that know me, it comes as no surprise, that I have AT LEAST 1 koozie on my person AT ALL TIMES! A true lady knows, there's nothing worse than meeting new people with a wet, cold hand. Some of the Koozies I use on standard:

Now, on to my CRAVINGS! (some are missing pictures, as I've only HEARD of them, and therefore they are legend and I must obtain!)
Southern Proper - They gave these out during a Trunk Show... I MUST HAVE ONE!
Lilly Pulitzer- $5.50
They handed out Koozies & Croakies at the Cup... I live in Illinois. :(
If you know how I can get these missing collection items, please let me know! 
I'm willing to buy them!

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