April 6, 2011

The Masters

 The Masters is the crown jewel of American Golf Tournaments, and just happens to take place in my home state! The tournament takes place over 4 days starting tomorrow in August, GA at the Augusta National Golf Club.
As far as I know it's the only sporting event where they still hold decorum and you can get a sandwich while spectating for only $1.50. My dad used to tell me stories of when the sandwiches were only $0.50 :). And of course if you go you MUST get the pimento cheese sandwich (I miss them so much, sometimes I wonder if they even know what that is up here in Chicago). Below are couple of items I would need if I were going golfing (typically, I make it through 5 holes before I give up with how bad I am, and become the sideline drinker, golf cart driver, bad-score-keeper (It's a tough job, but someone has to do it).
Obviously the Lilly P. Golf cart to keep my ride fashionable around the course
Of course, a pink set to match my ride

The Masters website also has a Do's-&-Don'ts list, which I just find super classy, as well as a brief history on the event. (It's worth noting that membership to August is extremely exclusive (only 300 at any given time), and invitation only, with dues around $10k a year. They also didn't admit any African Americans till 1990, and I don't know if they have any female members other than spouses. Sad.).
Overall, a super preppy event that is great to partake in or watch (for a good afternoon nap). What would you wear to go to the Tournament or to puts around the course?

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