April 28, 2011

My Cooler Project

In the South, it's pretty standard for people (girls) to paint coolers for tailgates. They get pretty darn creative... and REALLY INCREDIBLE! Below are some examples I used for inspiration:
My sister even did one last year for her tailgates:
 With my BIG DERBY PARTY coming up, I wanted to have something fun out on the patio for my guests to keep their beverages cold in. 
I bought all the fun colors I could possibly need:
I had purchased a lame blue and white cooler a couple years ago for canoe trips and parties back in Richmond, and was looking and buying a flat, plain white new one. 
 However, I found that coolers are kind of expensive.... like $50-60 I'd prefer not to spend on a cooler...
So I utilized the one I had. I wanted to do something that was reminiscent of both my old home and my new one, as well as taking into account things I love.
First I did a Chicago side with major landmarks: Wrigley Field, Wrigley Ivy, Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain, Bean, and the Chicago river dyed Green!
Then I did a front design. I tried to take into account my love of the ocean and the water, as well as my South Carolina Roots:
Then I did my Georgia side:
Complete with: The Capitol Building, Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, Big Chicken, World of Coke, Fox Theater, '96 Olympics, Atlanta Braves, Rich's Pink Pig, and Kudzu.
I've started working on the top, but I'm not quite sure where to go. 
This is where you come in.
What should I put on the top? Any ideas?
Let me know quickly as I need to finish this in time for the Party next weekend!

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  1. Megan, I have never heard of this before - what a fun idea! It looks great - I do not have the patience or artistic talent for that kind of thing. Me painting would end up looking like a 5 year old did it. :)


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