April 17, 2011

New Lands' End Acquisitions

Yesterday Sears & Lands' End were having HUGE deals! We're talking $6.99! Sadly, I didn't see anything I liked in the $6.99 area, but I did find these super cute items! Additionally, I learned a Lands' End policy I was unaware of, not only will they replace it if it should ever wear-out or get ruined for free (no time limit), but they'll also price adjust if the item you purchase is ever marked down! Pretty wonderful if you ask me, what with constantly looking for cute, affordable preppy deals!
It's great with a belt! You can find it here!

Additionally, I'm a sucker for Gold Shoes... it's that whole Purdue obsession thing.

And seeing how much I LOVE Lands' End... I might go back tonight during their Midnight sale!

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