April 29, 2011

Preppy Art Work

A WASP might tell you to go for the Classics: 
and the like....
A Southern Belle might tell you to go for the more simplistic regional Floral motifs or architectural pieces:
All are great choices, however I sometimes find the best pieces for me have sentimental value. I try to hang a tasteful amount of items on my walls. I believe this makes every space more personalized and homey. Recently I was pursuing my standard look-outs (typically looking for a good deal, as nothing says preppy like being fiscally conservative)
I came across the below on Etsy!

Georgia State Typographical Poster - $15

Georgia State Silhouette Poster - $15.50

Etsy has a great array of art work by artisans from all over. It's a great way to find affordable, super cute prints/pictures/paintings and supporting entrepreneurs!
Do you have anything special you like to hang in your living space?

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