May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap - Here comes the sun

This past weekend I was determined to be productive, what with the weather supposed to be so crappy. Especially, with being out of town the previous weekend I was hoping for some much needed down time. Ended up going out for drinks with a co-worker after work on Friday which led to sleeping till 11am on Saturday (something I have done in ages!) I then proceeded to try to motivate myself to be productive, which wasn't helped by the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family....
As I started to pack for my move in a month (SO STOKED!), the sun started to come out, and I started to get texts from friends in the city enjoying cocktails in the beautiful weather.... and I caved. I wrapped up what I was working on, and made my way into the city. 
It was BF's best friend's birthday, so we made plans to head out on the town. After one lame dive bar, we ended up at Uncle Fattys. I happened to really like this place, as it's more chill, there's always dancing, and typically a live band; not to mention the fabulous fishbowl cocktails!
After much fun was had, we made our way back to chill on the patio in the beautiful spring weather! Overall, great night!
Sunday, I woke BF early for a breakfast at Nookies :) and a walk around Lincoln park, where there was apparently some sort of grilling festival, as we found a giant Weber grill and the Wiener mobile. (Pictures below):
My weak 'attempt' to 'steal' the weinermobile

After walking around a bit we went back to relax. BF's parents came in for the afternoon and wanted to see the new vegetarian documentary "Fork over Knife". After which we went to the Chicago Diner which offers vegetarian and vegan options. It was an overall interesting experience.
I made my way back to the Burbs just in time to miss driving through the crazy weather we got here in the midwest. I would vote this weekend a success for my social calendar, but a quasi-fail for my wallet ;).

What'd you do this weekend? Are you getting revved up for all the summer festivals coming up soon?

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