May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap - Spring into Summer!

This was the seemingly first nice weekend we've had so far this year! The weather was simply gorgeous, birds chirping, nice breeze, and a perfect 65!
I had some tentative plans for the weekend, but the longer I live in Chicago the more I am letting plans come to me. (this is a completely new concept to me, as I'm a complete planner and need excessive amounts of time ahead to verify plans).
Friday night I took a load of party supplies into BF's apartment in Lincoln Park, starting to prep for my Derby Party next weekend. We stayed in Friday night to just relax, save money, and catch up on his newly downloaded movies.
Saturday I had made a few plans. Got up and grab my once-in-awhile Starbucks down the street on my way to a meeting. I ran into my old sorority sister Emily. We passed the vague 'give me a call later, and we'll meet up for drinks', we both continued on our way. Em and I have a funny running-into-each other relationship. We haven't gotten to hang out a ton since college, but she's a pace-leader at a running store down the street from BF's apartment. With their super early morning running schedule, I'm always seeing her walking to and from the store on my way to Purdue for tailgates or on my way to breakfast (she is amazing and has run the marathon like 3 years in a row... I wish I like running...).
I made my way to my meeting (to be discussed in an entry all it's own.... dun dun dun). I didn't realize how quickly the brown line would get me downtown, and had like an hour to kill. I pulled out my trusty iPhone map-app and found a breakfast place close by.
I stopped into Meli Cafe just to have a cup of coffee and kill sometime, and decided to order their fruit plate:
Amazing! Everything was fresh and cold. The fruit came with a little dollop of whipped cream and their house Honey.... Yes, they make their own Honey and Syrup! They have a great juice bar and a friendly staff; I never felt weird for eating alone! As I was enjoying my lite brunch and reading up for my meeting, one of the owners, Yiannis, sat down next to me to enjoy an espresso. He treated me as a long lost friend; I've never felt more welcomed! He gladly shared the secrets of his establishment: how it was originally founded in Greek Town (where he was born and raised), how everything on the menu is Fresh and Natural (organic), and what motivated him to open a second location in the Loop. Overall, the atmosphere was bright and welcoming, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and the Mediterranean cuisine was fresh and delicious! Love this place for breakfast and brunch!
After my meeting I headed back up to Lincoln Park. BF was helping his friend move into the Garden unit of his building; he's more than a little excited, and I'm more than a little afraid it'll turn into the fraternity house all over again...
I stopped off and picked up some Jimmy John's subs for lunch and proceeded home to help out  with the move as well. After a while, I decided to take Emily up on her offer to meet up, and BF and I met her at Corcoran's down the street.
We had a wonderful time, enjoying the nice (albeit cloudy) weather on their patio. I sipped my John Daley, while Emily enjoyed her peno. 
After awhile, BF and I said our good-byes and made our way further north on Lincoln for a house warming party for a friend of ours.
Overall, the weekend was pretty chill and turned out rather nice. 
What'd you do this weekend? Anything fun? 
As always, if you have any suggestions for things to do, please let me know! Thanks!

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