June 26, 2011

Week Recap: The Summer Has Arrived

Another beautiful weekend in Chicago. We get so few, that I try my best to enjoy the few that we have. It has been so beautiful, I was really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors (being as how work has kept me indoors so much of late). Saturday I got up a bit early in order to run some reports. But I was able to make it into the city by lunch. BF and I walked through the market to find lunch but ended up at Adobo Grill. I enjoyed my personal preference of the Margarita, but BF got this drink that was basically tomato juice, lime juice, and beer... it was weird... I love their fish tacos!
We met with a friend of BF's for bike riding along the lake front. You know that saying, 'it's just like riding a bike' as in, it's so easy you pick it up almost immediately. Yea, I guess I haven't ridden in awhile. I was able to make it fairly well, and we caught some beautiful views:

I had to rest a bit... a couple of times... but BF was very understanding:
We're preparing for our 25 mile ride in 2 weeks for his Birthday!
We stopped to watch the dogs playing on the north shore lake dog park. They were so fun! They were rolling around in the sand and going after balls in the water!
Saturday evening we just enjoyed sitting on the patio with some friends with some cocktails.
Sunday I was super excited for brunch as Nookie's Summer menu is available complete with their crabcakes and poached eggs! This is by far my favorite breakfast; I don't know if it's the crabcakes or the dressing they serve with the greens:
BF got the Vegetables with Poached eggs. It was very tasty and I swear the sauteed zucchini and squash made the plate!

I'm so looking forward to next weekend! My good friend is coming into town and the girls are taking the city! Adventures to ensue! I'll keep you posted! 
PS I'm on the lookout for a cut pink beach cruiser for the big bike ride coming up in two weeks (I'm hoping it won't be as painful as the mountain bike). Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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