June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap: Moving Day!

This past weekend was the big MOVING day! I had signed my lease last Monday and have been moving things over slowly throughout the week. I hired movers for the first time to handle all the furniture, mostly because I was moving from a first floor to a second floor:
Good Bye Old Kitchen...
Good Bye Old Living Room...
Good Bye Old Dining room...
What's really funny is I will NOT be missing this place.... I was scared living by myself on the first floor all year... I swear I didn't sleep a full night, EVER!
And My NEW apartment is GORGEOUS! I'll send pictures as soon as everything gets organized. As I got everything moved in and organized BF had to run some errands, but he came back with groceries and dinner. He went to Whole Foods (which I typically and not a fan of due to their extraordinary pricing structure and 'organic' scheme) however BF got these really tasty sushi rolls and a veggie pizza. Overall it was very tasty! Sunday BF had plans to take his dad bike riding out in Naperville, so we got up super early and went to breakfast (in the hopes of beating the Father's Day crow). 
We went to this place:

It's located less than 2 miles from my new place!
I was really bad... I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of our plates... but I got the Southern Benedict... AMAZING-NESS! I was only able to eat about half....
After wards, I proceed to run errands as BF went to spend time with his dad. I've been keen on getting a grill for MONTHS now... so I did some research and was pleasantly surprised. I called Home Depot AND Lowe's and both of the told me to go with this grill at Sears (Employee Discount... SCORE!). I got the propane tank... and fire extinguisher (I was so pleased with Home Depot's honesty, I bought the extinguisher from them!).
I had some friends over and it was just overall a very chill weekend! I am super excited to be back on the second floor, all moved, and ready to get focused again!
How was your Father's Day weekend? What'd you get your dad?

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