June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap - Packing

This past weekend I started out with grand ambitions of being completely ready for my move by the end of the weekend. I did get a healthy amount done, but it just seems so overwhelming and never-ending.
Most of my Kitchen/Living Room Contents
Additional Boxes.... more to come
Saturday I was determined to be productive. I got up early, I walked in the un-godly humidity, and packed. I even ran errands getting baby gifts for a shower and dropping things off at Goodwill. I became complete unproductive after this, when at Trader Joe's I ran into a bottle of Sangria.... of which I promptly went home and made, invited friends and went to the pool. (It was 95 and I had been so good up until that point, I deserved a break). This proceeded to mess up my entire evening, when included a bout of insomnia and multiple hours of Full-House/Family Matters reruns.
Sunday, I went to the mall and proceeded to add more debt to my Sears CC (after I just paid it off too :( ) and bought two new swim suits from Lands' End for my beach trip in July. I felt this was necessary as I haven't gotten any good suits in like 3 years....  But it's oh so flattering!
Lands' End
After shopping, I met BF at his Grandmother's house in Darien, as she was coming home from her hospital recovery. We visited for a little while before heading to an early dinner. Neither of us had had lunch and were starving. I'd been craving sushi for a while, so we drove up to Naperville and grabbed a bite.
We went to Blue Ginger and it was oh so tasty!
Obviously we were early, and beat the crowd, but they had a lovely dining experience and the service was super friendly!
I loved the eclectic feel of the restaurant, and they even had a patio (had it not been so hot, we would've sat out there),
One of our AMAZING rolls! I recommend sticking to the signature rolls as they seemed more 'worth while'.
 BF and I ended up spending a relaxing evening at home watching the MTV movie awards. Neither of us had watched it in a while... and with the exception of Reese Witherspoon winning a lifetime achievement award, I was extremely disappointed. The only reason we watch was because I REALLY wanted to see the sneak previews of Harry Potter and Twilight. I'm a huge dork. But it would be like 10x better if they didn't let the fans vote for ALL the awards... like the fact that K.Stew won best actress in a category she was nominated for with the actual Oscar winner (Natalie Portman) is just sad... that and the fact that Twilight won just about every category.... I like me so Jacob, but I am smart enough to understand the movies aren't the best acting...

What did you do for the weekend? Did you get out and enjoy the sun at all?

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