July 7, 2011

I like to Ride my BIKE!

BF has been nagging me to get a bicycle so that we can ride along the lake shore together. At first he wanted me to get a road bike like the one he spent a LOT of $$ last summer for his triathlons...
Thankfully after our little ride two weeks ago (and my long recovery for my sore bum) I convinced him I DEFINITELY needed a cruiser or something with a comfy seat.
I've been pricing them out and reading the reviews. I also was budgeting for just under $200 (I know, seemingly unreasonable with the average bike costing around $350-$450).
I finally settled on one from SEARS! It's the closest I'll come to being able to afford the GORGEOUS Lilly Pulitzer bikes :(
This is the bike all 'tricked out'. I took off the fenders as they were kind of in the way, got more banged up then I would've liked, and made it that much more awkward loading and unloading from the car. I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up a few things:
1.) Wire Basket to carry all my super important stuff (including future picnic baskets!)
2.) Bike Lock
3.) Bike Tire Pump
4.) (and most important of all) a Bell... so I no longer have to yell 'ON YOUR LEFT'!
I'm super excited as it's BF's birthday this weekend and we have something fun planned. I'll keep you posted with all the details in my weekend recap.
What do you think of my bike? Do you have a bike? Do you use it often?

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