September 28, 2011

New Show Alert: Hart of Dixie

It never fails, I always get sucked into the cheesy shows with zero potential for longevity and then become heart broken when they get canned by the networks.
Well my latest show is Hart of Dixie. It stars Rachel Bilson, from the OC (sorry, had to go way back because I can't remember the last time I saw her in something).

The Synopsis is this, NYC doctor forced to move to Alabama to gain a better 'bed-side manner', realizes she must now learn how to live in an entirely different culture in order to achieve her goals. Overall, I thought it was really cute, love the sound track, and will most likely become addicted as it's cheesy and on the CW... however I think I'm more obsessed with the Southern vibes than the actual story line... more potential for a made for tv movie than a series (sadly). 
I'd also say the same for the new Pan Am show on ABC:

There are quite a few other shows I'm interested in this fall:
ABC's Once Upon a Time has a killer looking cast, and I'm a sucker for anything resembling the 10th Kingdom.

The Playboy club has potential, as it seems to reach a larger audience, however it's based on the standard Chicago Mob storyline, which I'm not sure how long they can play before it gets old.

I'm also a sucker for anything done by Zooey Deschanel, one because she's awesome, and two because her last name is loosely translated from French to 'of Chanel'.... coincidence, I think not! This being said, her new show, New Girl, is actually smartly funny and poignant at the same time. I dig it!

Have y'all found any goods shows I should be filling my DVR up with?  
PS when is DVR going to allow 3 recordings at once?!?! Because I wanted to watch Boardwalk Empire, Drop Dead Diva, & The Good Wife... I missed the first episode of this season's Good Wife and am now forced to catch up... NOT COOL COMCAST!

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