December 16, 2011

Holiday Guest Blogger: Christmas in Los Angeles

 A quick intro: I've known Erin for over 13 years! We cheered together all through middle school and high school, both on school teams and competitive teams. She's an amazingly happy and wonderful person! She moved out to LA after college and has remained there. In her Blog below she talks about the traditions she's started there. Enjoy!
Happy Holidays from La La Land! 
It may not be snowing here in sunny Los Angeles, but the tempurature has changed and we are no longer able to enjoy the beach.  For these few months of cold weather, we pull out our cute boots, fashionable scarfs, and put on holiday themed productions all about town.  There is an advantage to living in this crazy city, and that is the people.  Everywhere you turn, there is a little theatre, dance production, comedy show, extravaganza going on, and the holidays are applauded through all various acts of talent.  Some do it normal, but mostly Los Angeles can get really weird and that's why I love it here.  I ran into two dancers at the farmer's market the other day, and they were explaining to me their Christmas show they were putting on.  It wasn't just a dance Christmas show, it was a wacked out, Santa on crack type of event.  I wasn't able to go, but I can imagine it was wild. 
To gear up for Christmas here, I attended a few Christmas parades in the many nooks of Los Angeles.  Burbank has a full-on parade and the streets are filled with candy and cheer.  Hermosa Beach also gets down, and puts on a parade right near the pier.  I'm pretty sure the Santa in the parade has Hawaiian shorts on.  Woodland Hills has candy cane forest, and Santa Monica opens up their very popular outdoor ice skating rink.  One famous production that goes on is the tree lighting at The Grove in Hollywood.  Up and coming singers perform and fake snow covers the inside grounds of the massive shopping area.  A little too commercial for me, but still a great time. 
So, that's what the holidays are like in LA!  I have yet to spend Christmas here,  so all I can share is the excitement leading toward the magical day.  I usually head home a few days before Christmas, and always seem to see C level actors in the airport.  Each year it's a fun guessing game of who I will see.  Last year I saw one the guys from the 90210 show.  Then home to Atlanta it is.  The #1 holiday tradition in my house is watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve, and drinking (vegan) Egg Nog.  
This year, I am bringing a bit of LA home with me, as I've become vegan in this past year.  Along with that, I work at the farmer's markets in LA too, so I hope to go home and encourage my family to eat as healthy as possible.  They are slowly coming around.  This incredible vegan mac n cheese recipe found it's way to me yesterday, and I plan on making it at home for my family. 
Last but not least, I'd like to share a song by one of my dear friends who passed away this year.  He is the reason I went vegan, and he is the reason I love LA so much. 
He has a little song to sing for you. RIP Tom!
Happy Holidays!

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