December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap - Christmas in NYC!

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to take a fairly last minute trip to NYC for a much needed girls weekend!
First, I've only ever been to NYC like 3 times, twice in July and once in February for my 23 birthday. However, most importantly, NEVER at Christmas!
I was so incredibly excited for the time to spend with my girlies exploring the city and seeing ALL the lights.
Friday night, SS and I flew in to Newark to meet up with KD. After about 4 trains and loads of confusion we made our way to Jersey City before heading into the city. 
 We had reservations at John's Pizza off 44th before our Rockette Show at Radio City.
After a fabulous, amazing show, we checked out the Rockefeller tree before stopping by a bar owned by a cousin of KD's, 48 Lounge.
The girls & I at the Tree!
But it was quite late at that point, and my ball gown was turning into jeans and a slinky shirt... regardless I was very tired and we managed to figure out the PATH train back to Jersey.
Saturday, we got to sleep in a bit, before enjoying an awesome breakfast at KD's grandparents.
Then we headed into the city to visit Macy's Harrold's Square... 
 but really... to have TEA at the PLAZA! Chello Eloise, much?!
The girls about to head in.
The Plaza Windows
Eloise's tree in the Lobby
She even wrote a little note on the mirror on either side of the tree.
The amazing ceiling of the Palm Court
The Place setting and the Tea Menu
We had a 1:30pm reservation, however with the holidays they were running a bit behind. So to compensate us for our trouble, they gave us a complimentary bottle of Campaign!
Beautiful SS & KD!
HJ & I, childhood friends who always seem to do NYC right (it all started at sweet 16).
HJ met us for our reservation, and I couldn't have been happier to include her! I missed her when I was home for Thanksgiving and I'll miss her when I don't get to go home for Christmas. Every year for as long as I can remember we've spent Christmas Day (and so many others) together... sharing the awesome toys we got and dressing up in her AMAZING Scarlett O'Hara dress! (yes, I brought it up again! It was just THAT amazing!)
SS, HJ, & I all got different Tea Settings, and KD got the hamburg. Overall it was just so amazing and tastey. (I think at this point, I've probably run out of synonyms for AWESOME! Stellar? Spectacular? Stupendous?)
After our luncheon/tea, we made our way around the corner to 5th avenue and....
We didn't get to spend a ton of time in there (although, it was super crowded as always so not as enjoyable :( ).
We cruised all down 5th avenue again, hitting up a few more shops, before grabbing a trains south. We dropped HJ off to head to her evening plans. After saying adieu, we made our way to ours.
FAIR WARNING, The below may not be appropriate for all audiences.... If you are of a conservative mind set, you may not appreciate.
KD had found this deal for a dinner and entertainment special at.... Lucky Cheng's in... I'm not going to even pretend that I know what that neighborhood is known as. So basically it's a dinner & drag place. I've personally never been to a place like this, and really didn't know what to expect. Apparently it's been on Sex & the City and several other shows. It seems to be quite the place for bachelorette parties... seeing as how there were 3 in our company.
Meet Paulette... our Host(ess)
This is "Crazy Chinese Dragon Bitch"... that's not me insulting her, that's literally what she went by!
Everything was very funny and the Chinese-American meal was pretty good.
We were feeling pretty good after our tasty cocktails, and almost went in search of another hot-spot, however upon secondary thought we decided to head back. We figured we'd save some money and grab something on the way home to watch cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies.
I sadly had to make the girls get up fairly early as I had an 11am flight out of Newark back to O'Hare, so we stopped for Bagels... REAL NYC bagels!
Overall, it was a never to be out done (without significant effort) weekend. 

Dear Ladies,
You are incredible friends and I had a fabulous time! KD, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality (as I am a true southern lady... your Thank You note was put in the mail yesterday).


More pics to follow!

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