January 7, 2013

2012 Recap & Hopes for 2013

I realize it's been a while since I wrote (I apologize). This year has been PRE-TTY cray-cray.

There's been lots of fun with great friends through festivals, bbq's, trips and lots of sports.

March 2012: BF & I hosted a killer St. Patrick's Day party, which almost resulted in a noise violation, Darby O'Gill on loop, a keg of green beer, biscuits & gravy, and awesome memories:
Sometime in Spring? My good friend Sarah S. came to visit for some fun:
 We went to Tipsy Paint, a BYOB painting studio I found via LivingSocial. We got to enjoy our J&J Wines and get our creativity on! If you're ever in the area, the owners are very welcoming, and it's even better when you bring hors d'oeurves!
I'm so excited, she's coming in this weekend again and we're going to go see The Book of Mormon
Ok, Ok, I realize this may be taking things a bit far, and recapping a whole year in one post might be someone crazy (actually moving backwards...).
So here's the cliff notes: 
  • Kentucky Derby/Cinco De Mayo Shenanigans in Old Town
  • Avengers Movie Preview
  • BF's Birthday Boat outing
  • Jen's baby's Baptism
  • Kicked off 3rd year of Happy Hour Flag Football
  • Sarah S. Comes to visit
  • Lisa's Baby Shower
  •  Pirogi Fest/ Big Ten 10k
  •   Oh yea... did I mention Adam Levine came to work?
  •   Sister's 21st Birthday

  •  Mom & Dad came to visit
  • Kenzie & Tim's Wedding
  •  BF does his 2nd Chicago Triathlon
  •  Myrtle Beach with the Family
  • Visit Richmond
  • WWE Smack Down with Work 
  •  JLKD 5k & Fun Run
  • Purdue Homecoming
  •  Ladies Luncheon at the Swan House
  • GREG & LJ'S WEDDING  (LJ Please let Greg know I mentioned y'all, otherwise I may never hear the end of it... ;) XOXO LOVE Y'ALL! )

  •  Caught up with Aunt Julia
  • JLKD Book fair
  • (More) Tipsy Painting (I SWEAR THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!)
  • Oh and then Matt Forte came to work...
  • Lots of Christmas Parties
  • Lots of Presents
  • Great Friends & Family memories (I promised BF I wouldn't go into detail... but trust me when I say it's a book in and of itself).

That's a lot more than I remember. Sorry I don't have pictures for everything. I realized this year, with not blogging, I didn't force myself to have pictures from everything, which makes me feel like I missed out. It's another reason I wanted to start again.

My Hopes, Wishes, and Goals for this year:
Keep in touch with more friends.
Token-work-out-more resolution (and eat 'healthier'... maybe)
Discover more opportunities and expose myself to new things.

I hope that by blogging, I can meet new and wonderful people, find exciting products and places, and be a better, kinder, stronger person.

How YOU can help:
  1. Introduce yourself!
  2. Recommend things/places you think I should check out and feature
  3. Tips on how you think I can better myself and this blog

I love getting to know my readers and providing something you enjoy as much as I enjoy writing it. I hope to hear from you soon, and cheers to a great new year!

XoXo, the Prep

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