January 25, 2013

A Love Note to Chicago Drivers

Dear Drivers in Chicago (and the surrounding suburbs):

Just because you have a license and/or license plate from a Midwest or northern states does NOT mean you automatically (through telepathy) inherited superhuman driving abilities. You are NOT, not going to slide off the road or into other vehicles if you accelerate quickly in slush/snow/ice.

Also, having a 4-wheel drive vehicle does not mean you have a godlike ability to avoid any an all weather related accidents.

I just wanted to point out these facts, as you are sharing the road with me. I would like to get to my destinations safely. And your plain STUPID behavior is endangering me, even as I am driving as slow and safe as need be to meet my objective: to STAY ALIVE.

In conclusion, cut it the heck out! Drive like a person who understands the gravity of the situation, and be cognizant that your actions also effect those around you; ergo: ME!

XoXo, the Prep

NBC Chicago - Morning Snow Creates Messy Commute


  1. I have been told by my husband that I drive like an old lady. Perhaps sometimes I am just being extra cautious. I have to agree with you though it was all over the news with the crashes and cars going off into ditches. I think that it did not help that we have not had "snow" or anything for a good many days. 330 and counting days. The little bit we had this morning was icy and it is chilly out.

  2. I would also note, that we pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, and they are obviously being squandered as I saw maybe 2 salt trucks on the roads. The only reason I could drive was because I left later during the commute and the cars had cleared a lot of snow. It frustrates me and makes me miss Atlanta that much more!


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