January 14, 2013

Champagne Toasts & Tons of Laughs

This past weekend my BFF Sarah S. came to visit me!
She got in fairly early on Friday evening, and of course we had to make our way to Giordano's for some Chicago stuffed pizza.
I know there's some debate over not only which city (NYC or Chicago) does pizza best, but even in Chicago they fight over which pizza is supreme. Some people like Giordano's, while others prefer Lou Malnati's... still others prefer other small hole-in-the-walls around the city. I feel like this is a divided city over so many things: hot dogs, pizza, beers, and baseball... thank god hockey's back as they can at least agree on that.
After dinner and a few margaritas, we made our way home for an evening of shenanigans and Pitch Perfect.
This is my current movie obsession. If you haven't seen it... DO!
I asked Little Sis to get this for me for Christmas, and I swear I've watched it like 10x since.
 I think I love it so much for 2 reasons... 1.) the music is AMAZING! and 2.) I want to pretend that the main characters are me and BF: 
Jesse: "You're one of those acapella girls, I'm one of those acapella boys, and we're gonna have aca-children. It's inevitable."

On Saturday, we made our way to the city.
We had purchased tickets a while back to go see Book of Mormon.
We had gotten tickets to the 2pm show, which actually worked out pretty perfect, not too late and allowed us fun time after the show.
IRONICALLY, Benji from Pitch Perfect was our lead!
He was really good! The whole play was pretty clever, however coming from someone who isn't easily offended, I wouldn't say I got uncomfortable, but I don't know that I'd see it again.
The sets were awesome, and the characters were well developed. I did like the actors voices a lot!

Afterward, we were looking for a fun cocktail bar we could have fancy martini's at. We happened to stumble upon Pops for Champagne. This place was great!
It was all so sleek and shiny, with fashion shows on the tvs, and nothing but champagne on the menu!
These are the 'Start Wearing Purple' and the 'La Vie en Rose' Champagne Cocktails
We did get some lite appetizers to hold us over till we figured out dinner... Turns out there's a huge difference between east coast oysters and west coast oysters. PS West coast is WAY BETTER!
I also treated myself to an early birthday treat of a bottle of champagne. Tots worth it!
Cheers to you going there soon! Let me know and I may meet up!

Afterward, BF was so sweet. He drove us down to Little Italy for some 3 Aces!
We got to enjoy ourselves with some crazy pool while we waited on our table:
And I got all artsy... I blame the champagne...
Maybe had 1 too many totties
And BF was nice enough to take us home :)

Sarah had to head home the next day, and I will miss her until we can plan another fabulous adventure!

Sunday BF helped his brother move and I hung out with his Mama.
We ended up going to Rosebud's for lunch in Naperville before hitting up several fund shops.

Just overall an INCREDIBLE weekend that will not soon be forgotten!

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the Prep

Till next time...

XOXO, the Prep

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