January 16, 2013

To Welly or not to Welly...

If you don't already have a pair and you're any kind of 'Prep', I'm sure you've heard of the famous Hunter Boot.
Whether you're roaming the hills of the country side, marching through the muck on the farm, shopping at your local farmers market, or walking in the snow down Michigan Ave. you're bound to spot a pair keeping some lucky girls feet and calves dry and warm (and in summer, maybe just comfortable and stylish).
Here's where I run into a jam:

There's a killer sale going on, on the Hunter website for their Original Tall boots for $79 (a steal!). And Mom has said she'd go in 50/50 with me for my birthday.

However, being the former cheerleader I am, and that I hate running, my calves are not what you might call 'slim'.
Being the savvy consumer that I am, I know this since last night I went to Nordstroms to be sure of the size before ordering.
The nice gentleman there, Jermaine at the Woodfield store, assisted me and showed me that Hunter, being the smart company they are and knowing not every girl has the same size calves, makes a different boot called the Huntress. This shoe has a slightly larger mouth to it, allowing for plenty of room for my cheerleader calves.  


My dilemma is this: Am I really going to wear these often enough to justify spending $135? I can't wear them at work (which is like 36% of my time; the rest being split between weekends 31% and sleeping 33%). And yes, I'm a numbers girl, so I did just calculate my time that I would/could be wearing these boots.

Here's where you come in:
I need you to vote Y/N, if you think I should get them. 
Either by leaving a comment below or (preferably) clicking the survey link HERE.
Here's where they really real me in... They have ADORABLE socks to go with the boots!
I mean how cute are these!

On the Hunter site they also have these on sale for 50% off!:
And fun British flag ones:
Anywho, that's my little style decision for the day. I greatly appreciate your input!

XOXO, the Prep

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