February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap: Turning 21... round 7

This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday!
There's two things that one might think are great about celebrating your birthday during this time of year:
1.) It's always around (or on) SuperBowl Sunday
2.) Living in the North, there's likely snow
HOWEVER: I would state that snow is only nice when you need not drive, and the latter only makes it so people are actually celebrating something OTHER than your birthday.

But this past weekend was extra special.
It started out on Friday evening at Cooper's Hawk with some great friends and co-workers. It's been ages since I've been there. And I'm obsessed with their Malbec!
BF made the occasion extra special. He arranged an outing with Sarah & her husband Jimmy on Saturday.
We drove down to Bridgeport on the southside of Chicago to explore the area.
BF first took us to the Ferrara Bakery to pick up some cannolis for an after lunch treat.
Sarah & Jimmy
Some of the fantastic treats!
We grabbed lunch at The Pleasant House bakery which is connected to this little bar, Maria's Community Bar.
The ordering counter at the restaurant.
The Pleasant House is known for their 'meat pies'. Basically English style pot-pies. You can do as I did, and get them with a side of mint peas and mash potatoes with gravy, which is AWESOME!
We sat at Maria's bar next door and they even bring you your food.
Some of the unique cocktails at Maria's.
My Hornswagglers High Tea tottie
After drinks, we made a quick stop across the street at the Bridgeport Coffee Company for some caffeine.
We ended up hanging out and watching Groundhogs Day until our evenings facilities.
Saturday evening we went to dinner with Sarah & Jimmy and Jenn & DJ at Lucia's in Bucktown/Wickerpark.
I had the most amazing butternut squash ravioli! And there was BYOB with no corking fee, which was pretty incredible. ;) It was so nice though, because it was very much like a large dinning room in some family friend's house. And they had these great, tall ceilings and large paintings, and the the ceiling was lined with faux grape vines and grape-shaped lights!
BF did such a great job keeping his plans secret, and we then cabbed it over to Joe's on Weed for a concert by Clayton Andrews.
Which to BF's credit, was an awesome idea, EXCEPT for the fact that hell descended upon the facility in the form of Indiana Hoosier fans..... which, as a Purdue fan, I have an unreasonable despise towards.
The positive was...
So we shook our ba donka donks and had a great time, even with all that dreadful RED!

I've determined that 2013 is the year of the PJ parties! We spent Sunday with some great friends for a Sweat Suit SuperBowl Party!
Just an overall superb weekend!
Thank you everyone for making this year, EXTRA special!

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Till next time...
XOXO, the Prep

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