November 30, 2010

Christmas Letters - Holiday Traditions

Good Morning Kids!

First I'd like to ask your input: I'm thinking about providing a Holiday/Christmas cookie recipe each day leading up to the BIG day. I have so many I enjoy and love to make during the season, but would love to hear the ones you enjoy. I may even include them and reference you on my blog!

Another holiday tradition of mine since I graduated from college has been to include a letter in my Christmas cards updating my friends and family as to my accomplishments and events during the past year. My dad thinks I'm too young to be doing something like this, but I enjoy creating them and looking back at past letters to help remember everything I've been up to. Below are some of the past years' letters:





Please send me a message or leave a comment of your favorite holiday cookie (or other recipes) to be included in my Daily edition.

Happy Holidays!


  1. No pics of me in your letters?!?!?!? That seems fair.

  2. I probably should've for this year's letter considering we all hung out so much! I hear you may be bailing on NYE!? You may have to make it up and we'll all have to go out some other time in the near future!


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