November 29, 2010

Christmas Wish Lists & Gift ideas

What a Day!? Cyber Monday was insanely busy, but thankfully I am/was pretty much all done with all my Christmas/Holiday shopping. I'm listing below a few things I've found appealing for the holidays along with some Secret Santa Ideas I'm muddling... ;)

My Likes:

Lilly Pulitzer Cruiser
Price: $450 (when found, it sold out this summer within the first month!)

Kiel James Patrick- Diving off Skatutakee Cliff

Price: $40.00

Vineyard Vines- Purdue Tote
Price: $95

Vera Bradley's Write Away Dry Erase Board (Hope Garden) 
Price: $12

Smathers & Branson's Fancy Monogramed Flask
Price: $100

Burberry Iconic Trench Coat
Price: $1,395

Working Glasses (Crate & Barrel)- these remind me of my Dad's tumblers back home
Price: $1.50 each

Cute Headband by NYC Designer LALADee on
Price: $18

Gypsy Oak - Antique Silver Earrings from Designer BigBisous on

Price: $16


Kiel James Patrick Knot Earrings- at
Prices: $28


The Pleasures of Cooking for One by Judith Jones Price: $17.91 @ B&N

Tipsy in Madras by Matt Walker, Marissa Walsh

Letters to Juliet DVD

Donations to the Junior League of Kane & Dupage county!

Secret Santa Ideas:

Shake Weight
Price: $29.88 (would totally be getting this, but it's over our $15 budget :( )

Potty Putt Putt
Price: $19.75

Candles & Lotion from Bath & Body Works (Always go over well)
Prices: Vary upon quantity/size/items

Glee Christmas Album

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