November 19, 2010

Every Good Preppy knows... the key to a good winter wardrobe is a fabulous winter coat!

Or multiple stylish coats, As well as some colorful scarves, gloves, ear warmers, and sunglasses...

I purposely leave out hats, as they tend to mess up hair. I highlight sunglasses because they key your eyes from watering in the strong winter winds.

Today started out at 32, but felt like 22 in with the wind. I was never so thankful for a heated walk way from my parking garage at work.

But back to the coats... I truly believe that with the right coat, you don't look fat, and can actually look more chic than you would any other time... especially when paired with leather gloves. Personally I have preferred Guess winter coats, as they typically are timeless, affordable, and WARM! I have a black, white, and pink one, because who doesn't wake up some mornings wishing to epitomize Elle Woods?!

I typically go for knee length, as these tend to be more flattering to an hour glass figure like my own, or a pear shape. It emphasizes all the right curves, and if you're lucky you can come off dripping with Mad Men style:

But just as the right coat can make a look, the women makes the outfit. And as Annie always says, you're never fully dressed without a smile :).

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  1. Um, I think I'm in love with the second coat. Like, "I want to leave Jimmy and run away with it in the middle of the night" love. ;)
    But I completely concur with the post! I've lived in the midwest my entire life and the only thing I even remotely like about winter are the fabulous coats and accessories. I am a hat girl though. I've been waiting for it to get a little cooler out so I can break out my favorite gray one. :)


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