November 20, 2010

A Beautiful Fall day for a Preppy Past time...

It is a GORGEOUS day in Chicago! I've even started my day with a some good New England beer and some VV:

The BF and I are heading up to Wrigley to watch the Purdue game and catch the excitement of another Wrigley Classic... this one just happens to be a bit warmer. The last time we went to a game at Wrigley that wasn't baseball, it was the Winter Classic - Blackhawks vs. Red Wings NYE Day 2009... we froze our tushes off... but with a high of 44 today, there's hope for a warmer day.

Today is also the Harvard vs. Yale game... a 127 year old rivalry, which is pretty incredible. I may have not attended an pre- Ivy prep, or an Ivy college... but several SEC people in H.S. thought Purdue was Ivy, and I just never dissuaded them of the fact. I wish all the teams much luck today, but all my pride and hope goes towards my Boilers vs. Michigan State. BOILER UP!

Enjoy this crisp fall weather and all your football today... and stay preppy ;)

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