November 22, 2010

Rules to staying Preppy

Saturday was TOO much fun...

My team may have stomped on my heart again, but we had a Incredible time with Great friends! We ended up making it to game day before the Purdue game, then circled back to the BF's fraternity Big Bro's roof top place.

(Caption) that's the back of Erin Andrews head... she's not a very nice person, and definitely not a fan of Fans...

We've been lucky enough to get to enjoy the Dave Mathew's concert that was at Wrigley this summer from this gentleman's place as well. The guys are incredible hosts, plus it was a prime location for observing the chaos of Northwestern/Illinois fans below at 'wildcat alley'.

Later that evening we made our way to The Stretch, one of the local bars in Wrigleyville. I love this for the way they serve their drinks: In MASON jars! I love it! This is so unbelievably fun, and very southern, which just goes to remind me of home. I highly recommend this place if you're ever in the area, especially after a cubs game!

Just realized I didn't include any rules... primarily because it was a subject that came up during a not so nice moment. However:

Rule: Never talk about how much money you may or may not have... but most especially in public... it's TACKY!


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