January 26, 2011

Agendas & Planners

For the past few years I've been living with a dark secret... I'm addicted to my planner....

It all started in Middle School when they trained us with School-issued planners to assign our homework and schedule our tests. Throughout the years they gave us big ones and small ones, thick ones and thin ones, spirals and rip-outs. They came in all shapes and sizes, but the logic remained the same: Schedule your assignments or DIE! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but that's what I imagine my subconscious saying... (What would Freud say about that??).

In College, the Mortar Board chapter sold agendas at the University bookstores, and the cycle continued. So it was only natural that after college, I would have my work issue me a Franklin Covey. I held on to this thing for 3 long years, only to discover that once I moved on to a new position, it was no longer the norm. However, I have since been craving a sense of control and 'normalcy' provided by my neatly organized, typically cute, scheduling device. This year, since my new company does not provide schedulers, I am investing in one myself. I contemplated the likes of Kate Spade, Coach, and Lilly Pulitzer (as seen below).

But I decided upon: (drum roll please) SARAH PINTO! She is a small designer out of California and created her company out of similar values, but also to aid in the financial need brought on by her son's illness. Check her out here! Below is my 2011 planner!
What are you doing to help stay organized this year??

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  1. ¡hola! ¿cuál es el precio del planificador rojo? ¿tiene más fotografías del mismo? ¡Gracias!


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