January 25, 2011

Accessories are a Girl's Best Friend!

I am a strong believer in accessorizing... and the right pair of shoes (but that's another entry all together)! On the plus side, they never change sizes making them all the better, and giving them more longevity in your wardrobe (if not in modern fashion). Additionally, with fashion on a 20-year time warp, they always come back in style. Extra Extra Plus: then they're VINTAGE!

Bottom Line: Accessories = AMAZING

Key things to know:
1.) Your natural colors. These are based on your skin tone and typically can be found with your local cosmetician at the mall.
2.) Minimal with prints, maximum with solids. Too much isn't necessarily a good thing when it comes to accessories. Ex: too many necklaces on a print can actually make you look bigger than you are; not exactly what we're going for. On the flip side, too little can leave your look lacking.
Potentially "Too Much", but with Bohemian, it's a tough call. & I'm really digging the head band
3.) Don't be afraid to mix color schemes.
This is a GREAT example of a wonderful printed skirt, and a combo color in the necklace.
4.) Don't be afraid of Belts, Headbands, cuffs, watches, and others! I am partial to jewelry, but if Blaire Waldorf "Queen of Headbands" can manage it once a week on GG, then you can certainly add some flair!

A couple places to get some great price-conscious jewelry are Old Navy, Etsy, & Forever21. But I'm not completely leaving out my fashionistas. I'm also a huge fan of Kiel James Patrick, Lilly Pulitzer, Coach & Hermes.

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