January 9, 2011

Bulls Games & Celebrity Sightings

Last night I attended my first NBA game for the Bulls vs. the Celtics (which PS Americans pronounce it wrong, which I find ignorant being of Celtic decent...lol).

This was totally the place to see and be seen! I spotted Ron Howard (Opey, Happy Days, FAMOUS DIRECTOR!) and half the Bears Football team...
The attire ranged from jeans and t-shirts, to full on cocktail dresses, made somewhat even more extreme because we were on the club level. It was definitely a circus. I mean, at half time they had an entire gymnastics team doing a choreographed tumbling routine (which was incredible considering they laid the mats and put them up all within a 2 mins period). But overall, I found the experience definitely interesting.

Kind of going out of order, yesterday morning I went Wedding dress shopping with a friend of mine. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Let me tell you, I thought car sales men were bad, these people are INTENSE! I now have a whole new outlook on that profession. They pushed shoes, extra bras, padding, tiaras, hair pins, veils, even down to the $15 plastic 'hanging bag' (which you could probably get for $2 at a dry cleaners....). Not to even discuss the alterations! My friend is getting married in June in Cancun... therefore, the dress needs to be expedited into production and requires additional hemming because she is getting married on the beach and wants her feet to show. Below are a few of the dresses we went through.

These two were at a local boutique in our little town... the guys running it were a hoot and a half and recommend an awesome breakfast/brunch place that we went to after. However, we quickly learned their selection was seriously lack, but they tried to make up for it with personal attention.

After brunch we went to, I hate to say it, David's bridal. I must say, minus the lack of personal attention, their selection made a HUGE difference and definitely helped the bride have a better idea of what she likes and doesn't like.

This was definitely my favorite gown. It had the most beautiful beading on the top and in the back... plus the train was just gorgeous on her.

 This dress helped her determine the length she was looking for on the beach. She definitely decided later on that this was too short, and the beading on it was more than she wanted..
This was a gorgeous dress, but didn't have the 'wow' factor for her. I swear about 3 brides in the room tried this on.

This was just a beautiful Cinderella gown that we loved, but it had intense 'poof' underneath.

She tried this one (I didn't get a pic), and I LOVED the pockets, but it was too simple and she didn't like the fugly flower.

There were multiple more, but this is the one I think she really liked.

She said she was really looking for the 'Ariel look'
So overall it was definitely interesting. I think we had fun, but it will definitely be some time before I have to deal with all that stress again. 

Have a great day guys!

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