January 26, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer - Spring 2011 SNEAK PEEK!

The wonderful people at Lilly were ever so generous to share a sneak peak at their Spring 2011 collection with me. AND BOY AM I EXCITED! They're taking a turn back to some of the Classic 50's & 60's designs complete with head-kerchiefs. It puts me in the mood for lemonade stands, sunny beach days, and afternoons on Worth Avenue!

These three dresses classically emulate spring fever. Their daffodils are so cheerful, and the colors are just wonderfully balanced with the cuts of the dresses as well as the fabric and accenting details. LOVE the head-kerchief! I'm sensing a tough choice for Easter this year...

 The below necklace, although it would perfectly coordinate most of these ensembles, would set off the design of the pink dress so perfectly for an afternoon of shopping!
This blue flowered design afternoon cocktail dress is wonderful with it's gold braiding. It might just be perfect for an evening at Testa's! I love the pink dress paired with the side pony tail. Add some gold bangles and maybe some long pearls or a gold chain necklace and you're ready to hit the town! (per our Accessories entry). And last, but certainly not least, the off the shoulder: HOTT! This trend has been going strong since last spring, but this sleek Hyacinthia print, with the slight billowed mid-arm sleeve is so chic! These three are perfect for day, but throw on some of the Silver or Gold platform wedges (as seen below) for a quick evening look!

Additionally, I'd like to add the below Lilly accessories:

Sea & Be Seen Tote
Resort Chic Wedges

Overall, amazing prints paired with superb cuts, equating to another history making collection! I will be checking the website daily in order to get mine!


  1. I am just in love with all of those dresses. My favorites are the yellow ones and the pink dress!!

  2. I know! I love them all! I can't decide which will make the best Easter dress. Do you have a blog that I can check out?


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