January 31, 2011

Me and Barnes & Noble

I ran several errands after work tonight in anticipation of the coming (Northern) Snopocalypse....

- Bank to deposit money from Mom & Dad
- FedEx to mail packages to the cousins & Sister
- Jimmy John's (because their Turkey Tom unwich is only 245 calories and AMAZING!)
- Barnes & Noble (for books in case I get snowed in and lose power)
- Grocery store (to pick up reserves and chili ingredients)

I must say I was fully impressed that I could do that all in two hours... especially since I spent almost half of it in Barnes & Noble... I've come to the conclusion that I typically look for pink, pale blue, or lite green covers to find new books... how sad is that?? I pick my literary inspiration based on the color of a book cover. HOWEVER I found some fun ones. Check it out below:

Any thoughts?? Have you checked these out??


  1. Summer at Tiffany is soooo good. You'll definitely enjoy it, I think!

  2. Hi Morgan!

    I look forward to the read (hopefully during a snow day ;) ). Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! If you don't mind me asking, how'd you hear about me?



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