January 24, 2011

Midwest Football

This weekend was full of sports... I'll be honest, what weekend in the Midwest isn't? Or weekday for that matter? I will try to continue kidding myself it's different else where, and back home they really do spend Sunday afternoon/evenings on the front porch drinking iced tea.

I was once emailed a chain, listing the differences between football in the North and South. To prevent repetition or just to remain unique, I'm choosing not to scour the trudges of the Internet looking for it to post here. The gist of the comparison is this, the author believes that everything about football in the South is more intense than in the North... And I will concede that to some extent for NCAA fall sports, however the NFL is quite a different story. Being in the middle of the melee of the war which can only be titled "Bear-Cheese fest 2011" was quite the experience. My BF and the rest of Chicago might take a little bit of exception to that title, however I believe it's very accurate.

BF and I spent Sunday at his parent's house in the Burbs. His dad got a last minute ticket to the game, thus meaning we were sans one less mouth to eat his mother's AMAZING cookery (I don't care if that's a word, it describes the perfect mix of Italian finesse, and incredible mixing knowledge equating to the most fabulous tailgating buffet ever!). I also made a seriously amazing cake (see pictures below):

But back to the fashion...

In case you've been in a cave (which might be a good thing in this case), it's been record low temperatures across the country, but especially in the north. Any sane person would cover up and include warmers to prevent frost-bite, however there WERE crazy people in attendance and did paint their chests... I question their health today, as well as attendance at work. So while these crazy people at the game, I had picked up one of the last remaining Chicago Bears t-shirts in the city on Friday night. I additionally had to accessorize accordingly.

I would include pictures, however apparently they are not available on the website. Needless to say, I make a t-shirt look less plain Jane, and more Chicago-chic!

Did you have any good stories from this past weekend's football (or any other sporting event)? Do share!

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