February 1, 2011

OPI- My Love

I almost forgot one major thing I needed to accomplish during this blizzard....

I recently purchased two new OPI colors. The above is 'She Sells Sushi by the Seashore'. I use it for my fingers as it's a pretty pale pink... and any good preppy will tell you that you should use pale pinks, clears, or french on your fingers as an elegant, simple touch to any ensemble.

This being said, I really like OPI because it seems to chip less, appears more glossy, and just has a beautiful coloring (this particular color goes with my skin tone perfectly!).
Additionally, I purchased Royal Flush Blush to alternate pinks on my fingers and roll into spring.
LA PAZ-ITIVELY HOT is a great color, similar to a Barbie pink, that I rock on my tootsies :)
Check out my handy work!
What are you doing tonight??


  1. I LOVE all the pink nail polish!! Perfect for February!!

  2. Loving those colors! Stay warm in all this snow!

  3. Ladies- Thank you so much for the input! I'm still finding my way with this whole blog-o-sphere... anything you'd like to see in the future??? I'll try my best to supply!


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