March 30, 2011

Curl Crazy!

I have a new obsession with hot rollers!
Last month I was at my hair dresser (Jameson; how cool is that name!?), and he told me I was basically frying my hair every morning with my flat iron. He instructed that I could help it with a daily hair care treatment and heat protector, but that I should layoff the flat iron. My hair is very delicate and if I don't do anything, looks a hot mess...

My mom and nana were in town at the time for my Junior League Ride into Spring event. My mom used to hot roll my hair for special events when I was little. However, when I got older I started using foam curlers for Cheerleading (GO PANTERS! check out how they're did this past weekend at US Spirit in Orlando!). So I took advantage of my mom's presence to have to show me how she used to curl my hair. I had just gotten this great travel size set (which in hindsight is great for what it is, but not the best; they're available at Target for roughly $14).
So, basically, she rolled all the larger ones on top, and the smaller ones on the bottom. Let it sit for about 15 mins, and then rushed it out. I decided that really wasn't my look, and like to let them fall naturally. I typically go back with a hot iron for touch ups afterward. Spray with hairspray for good measure.
Seventeen magazine has a great article on it HERE, and you can check out a tutorial here:

One tip I have, get the hot curlers with roughly 16 rollers depending on how thick your hair is, and get the ones with the clips. The pins (like this set have) area always falling out, and I ended up buying some big hair clips to hold them in.
How do you do your hair?

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