March 29, 2011

The FABULOUS Beekman Boys

I am somewhat obsessed with Josh & Brent of the Fabulous Beekman Boys (on Discovery's PlanetGreen). Brent is a former colleague of Mrs. Martha Stewart herself, a doctor, and now full time CEO of Beekman1802.

Josh is a New York Times best selling author in NYC, who helps out on the farm during the weekends. They own this BEAUTIFUL farm house and surrounding property outside NYC.
I think I drive BF crazy, because the way Brent acts about the farm is exactly how I would act... everything has to be completely aesthetically pleasing and picturesque, and no one knows how to do that better than me.... and Martha Stewart.
Overall they're an extremely amusing couple to watch, and sometimes they even interact during their shows with live webcasts where they answer questions. I really want to order some of their products for Christmas gifts this year: 1.) Because I love supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs 2.) Because they look like FABULOUS products!
Check out more on their website here and on the Planetgreen website here!

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