March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I will preface this entry with I will withhold the location and names near by to protect the safety and security of my loved ones... Dad, it's just a photo (no worse and no better than facebook).
This is home... on a second level. This house has been in my family for over 100 years. It's been through 3.5 generations (1/2 because I feel like my cousins and I have some connection or another to it). It may be cheesey, but I really love this place. It holds such a peace and tranquility in my life. Whenever I visit it just calms me. A little background: My great grandparents built this house back in 1910. My grandfather and all his siblings were born in it (my grandpa in the front room; on the left). My Papa bought it from his siblings back in the 70's and completely renovated. He added central air and heating, closing in the old sleeper porch as a sun porch, and I'm sure many other changes I'm unaware of because I can't tell the difference.
Growing up, Nana & Papa kept a beautiful town house in 'town' (not saying which town), and would come to the Farm on the weekends. Dad and I made several weekend trips for fishing, and he would go up in the falls sometimes for the dove hunting. One of my favorite memories of when we came up during harvest one year and shucked more corn than I can ever imagine seeing in my life. We had a huge pile on the back patio. I honestly don't know what they did with it all when we were done... funny how that works. Papa also was what he liked to refer to himself as, a Gentleman Farmer. I guess if I had to define this it would be a business man whose primary source of income does not come from the land he owns/lives on.
View from the back of the 'Back' pasture to the barn near the front
I also learned to drive here. Papa had an old El Camino that he had purchased from some golf pro (as I recall), but he kept it on the farm for getting around. Now that I think I better understand sibling dynamics, I think my uncles were the ones that always let me drive it to piss off my dad. I say this as I was able to start driving around the are of 13 (Don't call the cops on me). My sister will tell you stories of when she and the other cousins were in the back of the 'truck' and I'd stop in the middle of the fields in he hopes their red shirts would attract a bull, or when I'd suddenly stop and they'd be face-planted into the back window of the cab (I guess I was mean :) ). But we all remember it... and I think we've had wonderful memories.
The old 'Truck' now too rusted to drive and full of mice holes.
I was heart broken to hear my dad sold the old 'Truck' a few months ago... I think my sister was too, because she was really hoping to get it refurbished to drive... haha..
Last, but certainly not least is the family tree. This tree holds most, if not all the initials of my family for all those years. It's just so neat to be able to touch something where you know your ancestors have been!
Family Tree
Over Christmas this past year, BF spent the holiday with my family. I took him back looking for this tree (It's kind of hidden in the very back of the Back pasture). Long story short, should never have taken the golf cart through fresh snow in the pastures.... ended up pushing it back... BF, I'm sorry but I love this picture...
BF after we pushed the golf cart home...
Do you have a special place that makes you feel like' home'? What's your favorite place?

All Photos are courtesy of our good family friend Deb Jansen. You can find more of her work at: 
(If you look closely you'll also find my Nana in some of her shots. Deb is SPECTACULAR!)

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