March 15, 2011

Papa's Mac & Cheese (My style)

Last night, I made a version of my Papa's Mac & Cheese... definitely not healthy but AMAZING! (I've included the recipe below).
I bought WAY too much cheese during the Wisconsin trip, and had found this incredible Buffalo cheese. Basically Buffalo sauce in what I think is a soft white cheddar? Who knows... who cares! It's AMAZING! I recommend testing out different cheeses, but the classic recipe includes cheddar. I will say, I think it's better when you shred your own cheese, and it really doesn't take that much longer (and is typically a bit cheaper). ENJOY! Let me know how it goes! (I warn in advance, that it's all southern style: a little of this, a tab of that ;) )
Papa's Mac & Cheese

- 20 oz Elbow Macaroni
- Sharp Cheddar cheese (roughly 2 medium bags, or one large one; or one big block)
- 1 stick Butter
- 3 cups milk (roughly)
- 3 eggs (depending on the size of your dish, and how souffle-y you want). Add another egg or 2 if you want it thicker.

Grease a pirated dish. Cook noodles till done. Grate cheese. Layer noodles and cheese then pour milk and beaten eggs till soupy. Slice butter over top. Cook at 350-375 till golden brown (roughly 30-45 mins, again depending on your pan).

PS I think I forgot to butter my dish... oops...but it was still amazing!

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