April 21, 2011

Derby Party - Hostess Essentials (Part 3)

As mentioned in Part 2 of the Hostess Essentials, flow of traffic is key to ensuring your guests can enjoy every aspect of your party. This is a subset of that thought.

Your Wet Bar, will be one of your most visited destinations (along with your hors derve table). I recently found a great outline of what you need to have available for a basic wet bar, and some party ideas.

- Epicurious is a fabulous website that I've used in the past for recipes, but they have a wonderful article here about how to throw a cocktail party.

- Martha Stewart (of course) has a 'how-to' Set Up and Stock a Bar. This is a step by step shopping list that might get used during my preparations.

- Recently a friend of mine pointed me towards Kegworks to obtain my much sought after Mint Julep glasses. They also sell a complete 'Bartending Kit Bar Tools'.

Additionally, nothing says you're a carrying host like setting out nice linens. Obviously taking the time to place fine linens on your table is always a risk (see accidents per Essentials Part 2), but they add a touch of personality. I found the below Jockey Silks table cloth that looks so fun!
Although, personally I think I'll check out some local fabric store to see about getting a couple yards of affordable fabric to create smaller linens to add that touch of personality, on a budget, that I don't feel bad about because I didn't spend a ton! I'll be sure to take pictures if I actually accomplish this lofty goal with my swamped schedule!

Have tips for me on hosting my Derby Party? 
Please let me know!

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