April 22, 2011

Derby Party - Hostess Essentials (Part 4- Derby Hats)

A hat can make or break an outfit (as any good British (or Southern) lady will tell you, especially with the Royal Wedding coming up!) This being said, one of the most important Hat Days is Derby Day! (Duh) I recently purchased a new Derby Hat, however before I reveal, I found a few other hats that are just amazing!
This one you can actually buy affordable! I almost got it partly because it's called the 'Scarlet O'Hara Hat"$40 at SunGrubbies
Drum Roll Please.....
I purchased the Vineyard Vines Run for the Roses Grandstand Hat! (If you read my blog on the regular, you know of my love, and slight obsession with VV). The only thing I might potentially change is the sash.... I am just in love with their Mint Julep Sash
 But I think the Roses will match my long rose themed dress I plan to wear. Pictures to come!

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  1. I love all of these hats! I did a post about hats today too!


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