April 10, 2011

Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen

I forgot whether I mentioned it, but this past Saturday was our Annual Kids in the Kitchen event. This was the second year we've held it at Mooseheart Child City & School.
PurposeThe goal of the Junior Leagues' Kids in the Kitchen initiative, which is supported by The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and its member Leagues, is to empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and help reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues.

The event really allowed us to interact with the kids and experience our mission. It was a wonderful event. My schedule was as follows:
Some of our AMAZING volunteers!
8:30-10am: Kitchen: Set up for cooking events
There were 5 prep tables, one per stations which each contained ingredients/utensils for 5 separate recipes/meals
Each group got their own oven/sink area
all the Asparagus we had to cook for both sessions
I was group #3 leader, we had an Asian Chicken with a Soy sauce and spicy asparagus
Each station had laminated copies of each recipe
10-11am: Kitchen: Boys- Cooking events
Each group received introductions to fresh herbs and how to chop ingredients properly from our own Chef Brandy
Some of the boys with Chef Brandy
11-11:30am: Cafeteria: Boys- Lunch
11:30-12:30pm: Kitchen: Girls- Cooking events
My girls with their Chicken
My other girls with their asparagus
12:30-1pm: Cafeteria: Girls- Lunch
1-1:30pm: Cafeteria: Clean up 

What you can't see, is that the kids got presentations by a nutritionist. They also got instruction on introductory Karate.  We had everything clean and ready by 2pm. Also, we had our local Jimmy John's donate 2 trays of sandwiches for our volunteers. We had plenty left over, and were able to share with some of the kids taking their ACT's in another building.
Our total committee did such an amazing job with fundraising, that we were able to use a large portion of our designated budget for new pots/pans/cooking-utensils for each of the cooking stations in the school's home-ec room we had utilized for the event. It truly was a wonderful experience.

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